Enhance Your Networking Strategy with NFC Digital Business Cards - Infographic

Enhance Your Networking Strategy with NFC Digital Business Cards - Infographic - NFC Tagify
Networking is one way of building connections. In the business industry, a connection is a term used to define relationships that will benefit all parties involved.   The concept of networking is about exchanging information and ideas that begins. It happens when people find common interests. Entrepreneurs typically use this business element to expand their circle of acquaintances, hoping to create good relationships that can spark new business opportunities. There are multiple ways to create good business relationships, and one is by establishing a solid networking strategy. Enhance Your Networking Strategy with NFC Digital Business Cards  

Enhancing a Business's Networking Game with NFC Digital Cards

Near-field communication (NFC) is a set of short-range communication protocols that enables transmission between two electronic devices. There are multiple ways of utilising NFC, such as data transfer and Bluetooth pairing. NFC can also enable your device to function as a transit pass or credit card. But more importantly, this technology can enhance a business's networking game. NFC has four essential features that can help business owners boost their networking game, and here are those.

●     Geolocation

If you are to build connections, one of the most important things that the other party should know is your company's location. But have you experienced being asked to share directions on how they can go to your office despite it being mentioned in your card? Fortunately, through Digital NFC tags, you can lead your potential clients or partners to your office location by simply sharing your business card, enabling all parties to save time.

●     Get in Touch Digitally

While the business world never ceased to advance, the purpose of business cards remained the same – to exchange information easily and quickly. But what changed is the way how people transact them. As digitalisation continues penetrating the industry, businesses are met with NFC business cards. Through NFC, you can include all the necessary information to make your networking more effective and efficient. Your details, such as name, address, contact information, social media links, websites, etc., can all be added to your digital business card.

●     Catalogue Option

When participating in business fairs, it is common practice to bring catalogues about your business. While this has been a staple for strategic networking, it can be such a hassle and in no way cost-effective. With NFC, you can include your business catalogue in your digital business card. This eliminates the need to bring tons of paper materials to the fair, allowing you to build your network more effectively. Additionally, NFC enables a more convenient way of updating and letting your connections know what is new about your business.

●     Social Media Profile Sharing

The digital age has become a way for social media to flourish. If you observe how the market behaves today, you will notice that many consumers rely on social media for the products and services they are looking for. Therefore, you have to ensure that your business is digitally ready. With NFC cards, your network will never have a problem connecting with you on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other platforms with just a single tap. Allow this innovative and effective tool to leave a lasting impression on the connections you like to build. 

Effective Networking Strategies

When it comes to networking, knowing the features you can play around with NFC will not suffice. It is also critical to work on developing effective networking strategies to implement the NFC features further. Here are some ways how to establish efficient networking techniques:

●     Join a networking group

Joining networking groups is one of the most helpful strategies to grow your network. These groups will allow you to meet other professionals in an environment that promotes establishing relationships with others. Furthermore, networking groups often have specific planned activities at every meeting, enabling the members to explore different networking topics.

●     Utilise Social Media

The digital age is the era of social media. Today, it is almost impossible to meet someone who is not in social networking spaces. Businesses can leverage social media to expand their network. Joining social media platforms can also help you connect with people from your own organisation and broaden your connections with those outside your web.

●     Grow a database full of professional contacts

A professional contact database can consist of professionals from the same organisation, partner companies, hiring managers, previous managers, coworkers, or members of networking groups. Hence, this list should contain their names, emails, phone numbers, and other important information you can use to connect with them. Curating a contact list like this can help you quickly organise and obtain a specific person's contact information when needed.

●     Attend conventions and conferences

If you seek to grow your network, attending conventions and conferences are sure ways to do so. These business events often occur throughout the year. You can use these opportunities to connect with professionals from similar and different industries. This will allow you to develop potential projects and partnerships.

●     Send emails

Despite the rise of social media and instant messaging applications, email remains one of the most widely used communication tools in the professional world. Therefore, benefitting from it is a wise decision if you are trying to build your network. Sending emails is an operative way to establish connections, check in with people, or communicate using the same message to multiple people simultaneously. 

Strengthen Your Network with NFC Tagify

Developing solid connections is always beneficial for businesses and career growth. Hence, entrepreneurs and professionals must constantly strive to build their networks. You can do this with NFC cards. NFC Tagify offers contactless and intelligent technology solutions that will allow you to store and transmit information conveniently and up to date. Our team understands how critical data is regarding business and personal matters. Hence, we provide one of the best programmable devices in the UK. You can find detailed information about our products and services on our website. Learn more about us through the following articles:
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