Customised Digital Business Cards

Double-Sided Customization

Metal NFC Business Cards

Delve into the world of stylish digital business cards with our varied collection of metal NFC cards:

Coated Metal NFC Cards: The ultimate fusion of durability and elegance. Laser-engraved metal front encapsulating the fully printable PVC back. Stand out with its smooth metallic edge.

Pressed Metal NFC Cards: The embodiment of simple sophistication. Features a laser-engraved metal front and fully customizable PVC back without the metal edging. Less is more!

Full Metal NFC Cards: The choice of solid metal enthusiasts. Laser-engravable on both sides with a distinctive glossy logo over the NFC chip area. Unleash the robust charm.

Brushed Metal NFC Cards: A blend of rustic and modern. Fully printable on both sides with the brushed metal texture giving your NFC cards an authentic appeal.

Leave an unforgettable impression with our double-sided, fully customizable metal NFC cards!

Compact & Colorful

PVC Contactless Cards

Discover the power of digital with our PVC Smart Cards. Available in a standard CR80 bank card size, we offer an assortment of vibrant colors and a unique clear transparent option. A color-pop side edge adds personality, while our use of white ink amplifies vibrancy.

For an extra edge, choose our optional UV Spot Gloss finish, a feature our competitors can't match. Our key fobs and badge cards add to the variety, making your networking effortless and impressive. Enjoy full customization on both sides of these compact, attention-grabbing cards, taking your digital business interactions to the next level.

Sustainable Customization

Wooden Smart Cards

Unveil your commitment to sustainability with our Wooden NFC Digital Business Cards. These eco-friendly cards are not just a gateway to a digital handshake but a statement to your eco-conscious choice:

UV Printing: This advanced printing method allows you to have vibrant, colourful designs on your wooden card. Use the white ink option for a unique touch or elevate your design with spot gloss to add depth and draw attention to key elements.

Laser Engraving: For a classic, understated look, opt for laser engraving. It offers precision and a timeless aesthetic that subtly communicates your details.

Choose from our wide range of wood materials - from the dark and elegant Black Bamboo to the bright and sophisticated White Oak, each offering a unique colour and texture. Fully customizable on both sides, these wooden cards are adorned with water-based, eco-friendly ink, ensuring the least impact on our environment. With our Wooden NFC Digital Business Cards, connect digitally while cherishing nature.

Unlock the Complete Networking Package:
Physical & Online Presence

Custom Physical Digital Business Cards

With a simple one-time payment, secure your personalized digital business cards designed with finesse and function in mind. Enjoy generous discounts with bulk purchases, making our cards an affordable choice for small, mid-sized, and large companies alike. The more you order, the more you save.

Free Online Digital Business Card

Every purchase of our digital business cards comes with free access to our eCard Platform. You can create an individual profile for each digital business card. If you have other existing software or app solutions like Linktree or Hihello in mind, or even just an online vCard, you are welcome to use those as well.