Benefits of NFC tags in Everyday Life

Businesses aren't the only ones benefitting from using NFC tags. Individuals can also use them to make their everyday lives more comfortable and convenient. Wondering how exactly you can take advantage of printed NFC tags? Here are cool suggestions that you can try.

Get some help waking up in the morning

If you are one of those people who always click the snooze button to get five extra minutes of sleep, using an NFC tag may help. It can give you that much-needed nudge to get you out of your bed. How? Program your NFC tag to disable your alarm once it makes contact with your phone. Then place it in the room where you usually go to after waking up, like your bathroom or kitchen. Every morning, after your alarm goes off, you will be forced to get out of your bed and walk to where the tag is to disable the alarm. This method is very effective as the alarm will only stop if you tap the tag with your phone.

Share Wi-Fi

Do you have a complicated password for your Wi-Fi? Having trouble memorising it? Then use an NFC tag. It can store your Wi-Fi password and automatically connect all devices, saving you time when sharing your internet connection with people who visit your home or office.

Do various tasks in one tap

Did you know that you can actually use only one NFC tag and accomplish various tasks at once? For example, you can program your NFC tag to put your phone on silent mode, turn off Wi-Fi, and turn off Bluetooth. The tag will do all this once you tap your phone on it. This way, you can go straight to bed and enjoy a more peaceful sleep. Of course, there are many other actions that you can program into your NFC tag.

Launch maps

To save time when preparing for your daily drive to work, program an NFC tag to automatically launch Google Maps or other direction apps for driving. You may also add more actions such as launching Bluetooth so you can easily connect your phone to the entertainment system and listen to your favourite music while driving.