Clear NFC Tags - How Clear NFC Tags Will Take Your Business to Greater Heights

Among the most popular NFC tags in the UK is the clear NFC tag. What is it, and how exactly it is different from others?

Clear NFC tags or wet inlays are available in different shapes and sizes. Their transparent and see-through appearance characterises them. They don't have white or printed labels on the top, nor an anti-metal protection layer. This means the NFC chip is visible. Clear NFC tags are the thinnest and slimmest options in the market. These make them the best option for embedding.

Like other NFC tags, clear NFC stickers open up a world of opportunities for businesses. Using them, you can up your marketing campaigns and take your business to greater heights. Here are the ways you can use NFC tags in the UK to your advantage.

  • Offer a more convenient shopping experience

    With more and more people going cashless, it is all the more important for businesses to implement NFC mobile payment. You can do this by sticking an NFC tag at your register or poster. By just placing their smartphones within four inches of the NFC tag, customers can be instantly directed to your e-commerce website, start shopping, and pay for your products with their mobile wallet or cards. You can potentially expand your customer base by offering this kind of shopping experience.
  • Enrol customers in a loyalty program

    Do you know why your loyalty program only has very few members? It might be because your process takes too long. With NFC tags in the UK, you can enrol customers with just a tap.
  • Connect with your audience online

    Establishing a connection with a customer is one thing, but staying connected is another. How do you keep your audience engaged? By connecting them to your online channels. You can embed NFC tags to your products so that your customers can be directed to your social media pages or website when they tap on them.