Are Digital Business Cards Secure? - Infographic

Are Digital Business Cards Secure? - Infographic
Near Field Communication (NFC) business cards are a cutting-edge and creative way for companies to connect with prospective customers and partners. These cards make use of NFC technology, which enables close-range wireless communication between gadgets. Anyone with an NFC-capable smartphone or tablet can instantly access the cardholder's contact details, website, social media accounts, and other pertinent information by tapping the device on the card. This is a practical and effective way for companies to communicate with their audience and leave a lasting impression. Entrepreneurs are now switching to using NFC tags and digital business cards because of these features. However, there are still safety and security concerns when it comes to privacy. This article will answer the common questions when it comes to the safety of using digital business cards. Are Digital Business Cards Secure?

What are the safety features of digital business cards?


When two devices are brought close to one another, usually within a few centimeters, they can communicate with one another thanks to a group of short-range wireless technologies known as NFCs. The information on the card, including the person's name, contact information, and other links, is transferred through radio waves. It's vital to remember that NFC cards only read at extremely near ranges, usually a few centimeters, and have a very limited reading range. This guarantees that only authorized devices can access the data on the card. It offers a safe way to communicate sensitive information and aids in preventing fraud. NFC cards can also transfer modest amounts of data. Digital business card owners shouldn't worry about safety when it comes to NFC cards because they need to be present to transfer data.

User Initiation

NFC tags include a crucial feature called user initiation that gives users more security and control by letting them start data transfers only when they want to. It is a fantastic approach to delivering the appropriate information at the appropriate time and location. An NFC transfer that is user-initiated requires the user to actively tap or move an NFC-enabled device up close to the tag in order to start the data exchange. This can involve actions like starting an app on the user's device, placing a call, or viewing a webpage. This feature adds a layer of security by guaranteeing that the user has control over the timing and nature of data transfers. It is also possible to use user initiation in a more passive manner. By adding an NFC tag to a business window or bus stop, for instance, it is possible to provide consumers with the necessary information only upon their request. Utilizing the user-initiated feature will actively convey the information while giving the user the option of receiving it or not.

Secure Element Validation

An NFC tag is authenticated via the Secure Element (SE) validation method, which verifies that it has not been tampered with. In NFC-enabled systems, such as mobile payments and public transportation, SE validation is a crucial security element that guards against fraud and counterfeiting. An Application Identifier (AID), which is a special identification number found only in the secure element, can be used to confirm the validity of the tag. An NFC-capable device, like a smartphone, reads the AID from the secure element and sends it to a distant server for confirmation when it is in close proximity to the tag. If the AID is deemed to be valid, the server sends a validation response back to the device. The server compares the AID against a database of known and valid AIDs. The device won't be able to access the information on the tag if the AID is determined to be invalid. As a result, unwanted access is prevented, and only approved devices can view the data stored on the tag. Additionally, by verifying the legitimacy of the NFC tag and secure element before granting access to the stored data, it protects users against skimming, replay attacks, and other forms of criminal actions.

Is using digital business cards 100% safe?

Just like any other technology nowadays, NFC tags are not 100% foolproof, and there are risks in using this technology. For instance, hackers might connect to a wireless network and access information between two parties. Luckily, encryption and tokenization can prevent these attacks from happening. Another good news is that these risks are minimal, and using NFC as digital business cards do not pose a serious threat while you are sharing valuable information such as your name, location, and contact details. It contains details just like any normal business card, and hackers won't find your bank details and other private data. Digital business cards are as safe as they can get.

What are some benefits of using digital business cards?

Compared to conventional business cards, digital business cards provide a lot of advantages. They are firstly more environmentally friendly because they don't use paper or ink to make them. Second, they eliminate the need for physical cards by making it simple to share and trade information electronically. Third, digital cards have the capacity to store more data than conventional cards, including references to websites, social media profiles, and other online sources. People will find it simpler to engage with you and learn more about your company as a result. Fourth, you can share your most recent information with your contacts, and they are simple to update. And lastly, you don't have to worry about losing them because you can access them from any device. In general, digital business cards are a practical and effective way to exchange contact details and advertise your company.

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