Transparent / Clear NFC Tags

These tags don’t have any white label on top or an anti-metal protection layer on the bottom. This reveals the internal NFC chip and makes it see-through.

Transparent NFC labels, they are also called wet inlay, these tags are the slimmest available. So, these stickers are the best option to be embedded.

Clear NFC tags are characterized by transparent labels. So, the underlying chips are visible and discernible. These are called Wet Inlay. What makes them different from other known products is that they are the thinnest and the slimmest.

Thus, these tags are great for embedding. AT NFC Tagify, we are ready to take up custom printing on such tags too.

Why us?

We have four options to choose from:
  • Three different chips types NTAG213 which has 144 bytes, NTAG215 which has 504 bytes and NTAG216 which has 888 bytes, all of them can be locked password protected and has universal compatibility with both Android and iPhones.
  • Four different antenna sizes 25mm diameter, 45mm diameter, 45x45mm and 75x45mm. The small size is the easiest to fit almost anywhere where in your home or office while the bigger sizes offers a wider area of NFC coverage which makes it easier scan.

Our NFC clear tags are superior quality products – made from the best material in the industry. Use our programmable contactless tags and cards to store data and share data with ease and simplicity between different NFC-compliant smart devices, be it smartphones, laptops, desktops and tablets.

Our tags are waterproof, extremely robust and durable. We have made them with the best adhesive so that the little chips stick to any surface easily and without hitch(for metal surfaces please use our on-metal tags).

NFC tags from NFC Tagify can be programmed with ease using free NFC app which is available from both Android and iTunes. Operating such chips are quite simple too – you can choose to edit and erase as you wish. These chips do not need battery for recharging and are compatible with all types of enabled devices.

Buy finest guaranteed quality of tags from our online store at NFC Tagify and enjoy multiple benefits of these intelligent tags.