PVC Digital Business Card


Both sides fully customizable for your unique style.
Free online profile enhances your digital presence.
Your choice of linking to Linktree, Hihello, or any URL


Color: White


Ink: Full Color (CMYKW)

Full Color (CMYKW)
White Only (W)

Finish: Matte

Spot Gloss

Experience the perfect blend of practicality and elegance with our PVC Digital Business Cards. Crafted from high-quality, colored PVC, these contactless business cards strike a balance between durability and lightweight design, perfect for everyday use. Choose from a diverse palette of PVC colors to match your brand identity or personal style.

Dimensions: 54mm x 86mm x 1.7mm
Weight: 5.2 grams
Material: PVC
Thickness: 0.76

Embrace the freedom to create a design that truly represents you. Our state-of-the-art industrial UV printing technology brings the smallest details to life, even on darker PVC colors, thanks to the unique white ink color capability.
The end product has a premium feel, with textured matte ink you can feel under your fingers. For added impact, opt for spot gloss finish on selected areas - a feature that sets us apart from our competitors. Enjoy the difference of a fully customizable, UV printed, smart business card.

Our PVC Digital Business Cards utilize cutting-edge NFC technology from NXP Semiconductors, ensuring universal compatibility with iPhones and Android devices. But our true distinction lies in the unprecedented level of control we offer you.
Embedded Chip: NXP NTAG213
Memory: 144Bytes
Compatibility: iPhone and Android

Your Choice - Your Control: As you place your order, you decide where your card will link to: your own free profile on our software, an existing profile on platforms like Linktree or Hihello, an uploaded vCard, or any other website of your choosing. If you provide us with a QR code in your design, or simply send us a note with your chosen URL, we'll encode your card with this data so it arrives ready to use. Alternatively, if you'd rather leave the decision for later, we're more than happy to send your card unencoded. In either case, your card remains forever unlocked, and we'll include simple instructions on how to encode or reprogram it at your convenience.

Unmatched Versatility with Our Free Software: Opt for our free online software and gain immediate access to an even broader set of advantages. This software enables you to update your contact details and social media links anytime, anywhere. Simply log into your online profile and make your changes. Your digital business card will instantly reflect any updates, ensuring you never miss an opportunity. Even with this option, your card remains unlocked, granting you the freedom to switch to a different software in the future, if you so desire. Our smart business cards are not just a purchase, but a future-proof investment that delivers unmatched flexibility, control, and versatility. And the best part? It's all free, with no hidden charges or future subscriptions.

Protect your NFC Cards against Digital Theft

Distinct Elegance in Fully Customizable Digital Cards

Your All-In-One, Tailor-Made Smart Card

Experience the luxury of choice with our NFC-enabled digital business cards. Crafted with an elegant, durable finish, these cards are uniquely yours - fully customizable on both sides. Unlike competitors who reserve the back for a QR code, we give you the power to personalize your entire card. No apps, no subscriptions, just a tap card that's as unique as your business, always with you, and eco-friendly.

Freedom to Choose with Our Smart Business Cards

Reinventing First Impressions, Your Way

Our NFC-enabled smart cards give you the power to choose. While we offer a free, fully-functional digital profile, we understand the importance of flexibility. Unlike our competitors, we don't lock you into our software. Use your digital business card to link to your website, your vCard, or popular digital business card platforms like Linktree or Hihello. The choice is yours, making our contactless business cards truly versatile and user-centered. No subscriptions, no limitations - just limitless possibilities.

Seamless Sharing with Digital Cards

Compatibility Meets Convenience

Our contactless business cards offer universal compatibility with Android and iPhone. Enjoy a lifetime of unlimited access, with no hidden fees. Our NFC cards, proudly made in the UK, are designed for simplicity and longevity. The smart card that's always ready.

Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
Fast and good quality!

Fast and good quality!

Adriana Barreto

Great customer service!

Kristián Gaža

Everything from customer service to product quality was really good. Definitely the best product for the price. One quick tip is to check profile creation before ordering, so you know what you get in the final product. 10/10


Arrived on time and in great condition - will order again!


The actual product itself is great. Works as expected.
I did find that initial communication could have been better. I gave a very clear brief of what I wanted, based on the sample images in the product listing, and the reply was vague and didn't really address my concerns.
The order arrived quickly but did not match my requirements as stated before purchase. The seller then set about correcting the error and got it right.
My feedback would be, ignore the sample image on the gloss on black example, and make sure you get firm confirmation of how it will look before you place the order. Other than that, all good. Came pre-loaded with the details I'd set up online.