Anti-Metal or On-Metal NFC Sticker Tags

Conventional NFC Tags don’t work when applied to metal surfaces. Because NFC tags work by electromagnetic induction, metal can easily interfere with their operation.

On-metal or Anti-metal NFC Tags are specially manufactured with a protective layer made of ferrite, so that they can work also if stacked directly to a metal surface.

On-metal NFC tags are meant for use on metallic surfaces. These tags need to be made with specialized materials because NFC chips work by electromagnetic induction, and if a standard NFC tag or sticker is used on a metal surface the metal can easily interfere with their operation and make it unreadable.

On-metal NFC tags have a protective covering layer to insulate the NFC chip from the metal surface so that the electromagnetic induction never effected by the metal surface. NFC Tagify uses par excellence technology to ensure that we bring to our customers superb quality on-metal NFC tags by using protective layer made of ferrite. These tags can be printed too – customers can select their own personalized printing matter, go ahead with generic printing or without print tags. Our tags also use the finest quality gluee, like 3M adhesive which is why our on-metal NFC tags can stick to all types of metallic and non-metallic surfaces with ease.

We have five exclusive anti-metal tags:

  • White PVC coated on-metal tags, which offers a flexible body tag that can slightly be bended to better stick on curved surfaces, you can choose from three different chips NTAG213, NTAG215 and NTAG216.
  • Hard PVC on-metal tags, Round Stickers 144 bytes NTAG213, which offer high durability and affordable price.
  • Industrial and heavy duty IP68resistance ABS NFC tags, self-adhesive which can also be fixed by a screw to surfaces.
  • Multi-colour Round on-metal NFC removal magnetic NTAG213 chip 25 mm, these are re-usable tags, can stick them onto any metal surface thanks to the built in magnetic layer and can easily remove them and reuse them on another metal surface.

Why NFC Tagify?

  • We are UK’s foremost manufacturer and supplier of devices made for contactless operations.
  • We are NFC Forum- and ISO-compliant.
  • Highly durable, safe and resilient products
  • Assured guarantee of superior performance
  • All our tags can be Password protectedagainstfuture deletions and encoding or permanently locked to offerprotection after encoding.
  • We take orders for custom printing of on-metal NFC tags.
  • We ask for minimum order quantities, but our bulk order quantities can be worked out on a case-to-case basis with clients. We are adaptable and flexible with the changing work scenario.
  • We are experts in the field, having been associated with NFC technology and products for long.

We believe in the power of technology. This is what keeps pushing us to explore and research to make products that are powered with advanced technology and work seamlessly in the fast-paced high-tech environment.