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Encoding NFC Tags


Encoding NFC Tags with a Smartphone

The Simplist way to encode an NFC tag is to use an encoding app on an NFC enabled phone. Most recent phones in the market are NFC enabled phones, to be able to read and write (encode) NFC tags all you need to do is to turn NFC on from the setting page in your phone.


Android Phones NFC Apps

There are plenty of NFC apps available for free from the Android app store which enables you to encode a tag, the most useful one is the NFC TagWriter by NXP. This app is used to encode NFC tags by stores contacts, bookmarks, geo location, Bluetooth Handover, SMS, Mail, text messages and much more to any NFC-enabled tags as well as to items like posters, business cards, watches and much more containing NFC-enabled electronics.

Once data has been stored the application allows also reading and viewing the programmed data including options to launch applications automatically based on the contained data.

NFC TagWriter by NXP is available as a free download from Google Play, click here to download. NFC TagWriter has Advanced features like tag UID mirroring, tag interaction counter and tag protection options. Full documentation can be viewed in this PDF file.

Another useful App is the NFC TagInfo by NXP, this App is available as a free download from Google Play, click here to download. This app will allow you to extract and analyze NFC data sets (NDEF messages), display the complete tag memory as well as to identify IC types and IC manufacturer.

Alternatively, there are also the following apps, also free: NFC Tools, NFC Writer by Tagstand

If you are looking for an app to make your device do some task (i.e. enable/disable Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, or launch some apps), we recommend: Trigger (formerly known as NFC Task Launcher) is perfect for private use of NFC Tags.

iPhone and iPad NFC Apps (iOS)

About reading NFC tags with an iPhone, you can find the following applications on iTunes:
NFC TagInfo by NXP, free, compatible with iOS 11, is the official app of the IC manufacturer.
NFC Ideas, free, compatible with iOS 8.1 and later. In order to use the iPhone NFC sensor, you need iOS 11 or later.
Please note that the iPhone is compatible with all NTAG®, MIFARE® and ICODE® chips. The iPhone also can’t detect empty tags, but just those containing an NDEF message.

Windows Phone NFC Apps

On Microsoft Store, you can find the following Apps, all compatible with Windows Phone 8 / 8.1, and Windows 10 Mobile:
NFC Commander allows you to read and write NFC Tags, and to automate some actions on your Phone (Fee App)
NFC Launchit allows you to launch apps installed on your Smartphone (Fee App)
NFC Tag Creator allows you to read and write NFC Tags, and to launch apps installed on your Smartphone, (Paid App)
NFC TagWriter Pro allows you to read and write NFC Tags, (Paid App)
NFC Interactor (Paid App)

BlackBerry NFC Apps

For BlackBerry, we recommend the Smart Tags app, which is free and compatible with BlackBerry Z10, Z30, Porsche Design P9982, Passport, and Passport Silver Edition.

Nokia NFC Apps

For those Nokia phones which don’t run Windows, unfortunately, there is not much choice. It seems the only available app is the aforementioned NFC Interactor, which is not free. According to Steve Litchfield, it would be compatible with different models Symbian, including C7 and N9.

NFC Samsung Apps

In addition to other Android Apps, you can use a Samsung App called “Tags” it is preinstalled in some models.




Encoding NFC Tags with a desktop device (Windows / Mac)

Computers are not equipped with an NFC sensor. Consequently, if you want to encode NFC Tags with a PC or a Mac, first you need to get an NFC encoder. On each product’s page, you can find information about that reader’s drivers and software.

In general, we recommend the following software, which can be downloaded for free, and are compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

TagXplorer Developed in collaboration with NXP (the world leading company in the market for the production of NFC chips), TagXplorer allows performing even uncommon types of encoding, such as password-protection, scan counter, or the encoding of single blocks of the chip.

TagXplorer software works only with handful readers the cheapest one is  OMNIKEY 5022  which cost around £55 (see list below), unfortunately, ACR122U is not not compatibale with TagXplorer.

Advanced Card Systems: ACR1281
HID Global: OMNIKEY 5022
Identiv: uTrust 3700, uTrust 4701, CLOUD 3700
NXP: Pegoda, Pegoda 2



List of all NFC Enabled Smartphones and Tablets

AcerCloudMobile S500Android
AcerLiquid E1Android
AcerLiquid S2Android
AlcatelIdol 3Android
AppleiPhone 7iOS 11
AppleiPhone 8iOS 11
AppleiPhone XiOS 11
AppleiPhone XsiOS
AppleiPhone Xs MaxiOS
AppleiPhone XriOS
AsusPadfone 2Android
AsusPadfone InfinityAndroid
AsusROG PhoneAndroid
AsusZenfone 2Android
AsusZenfone 5Android
AsusZenfone 5 LiteAndroid
AsusZenfone 5ZAndroid
BlackberryBold 9900Blackberry OS
BlackberryBold 9930Blackberry OS
BlackberryClassicBlackberry 10
BlackberryCurve 9350Blackberry OS
BlackberryCurve 9360Blackberry OS
BlackberryCurve 9370Blackberry OS
BlackberryCurve 9380Blackberry OS
BlackberryKey2 LEAndroid
BlackberryP’9982 Porsche DesignBlackberry 10
BlackberryP’9983Blackberry 10
BlackberryQ10Blackberry 10
BlackberryQ5Blackberry 10
BlackberryZ10Blackberry 10
BlackberryZ30Blackberry 10
DellVenue 8 Pro 5830Windows 8.1
FujitsuArrows A 301FAndroid
FujitsuArrows NX F-01FAndroid
FujitsuArrows NX F-05FAndroid
FujitsuArrows NX F-06EAndroid
FujitsuArrows S eM01FAndroid
FujitsuArrows V F-04EAndroid
GoogleGalaxy NexusAndroid
GoogleNexus 10Android
GoogleNexus 4Android
GoogleNexus 5Android
GoogleNexus 5XAndroid
GoogleNexus 6Android
GoogleNexus 6PAndroid
GoogleNexus 7 (2013)Android
GoogleNexus 7 (2012)Android
GoogleNexus 9Android
GoogleNexus SAndroid
GooglePixel XLAndroid
GooglePixel 2Android
GooglePixel 2 XLAndroid
GooglePixel 3Android
GooglePixel 3 XLAndroid
Honor8 ProAndroid
HonorMagic 2Android
HonorNote 10Android
HonorView 20Android
HTC8XWindows Phone
HTC10 EvoAndroid
HTCAmaze 4GAndroid
HTCDesire 12sAndroid
HTCDesire 530Android
HTCDesire 610Android
HTCDesire 620Android
HTCDesire 620GAndroid
HTCDesire 816Android
HTCDesire 820Android
HTCDesire CAndroid
HTCDesire EyeAndroid
HTCEvo 4G LTEAndroid
HTCJ ButterflyAndroid
HTCOne A9Android
HTCOne M8Android
HTCOne M8 for WindowsWindows Phone
HTCOne M9Android
HTCOne M9+Android
HTCOne MaxAndroid
HTCOne Mini 2Android
HTCOne SVAndroid
HTCOne VXAndroid
HTCOne XAndroid
HTCOne X+Android
HTCOne X10Android
HTCOne XLAndroid
HTCU11 EYEsAndroid
HTCU11 LifeAndroid
HTCU11 PlusAndroid
HTCU12 LifeAndroid
HTCU12 PlusAndroid
HuaweiAscend G6Android
HuaweiAscend Mate 7Android
HuaweiAscend P2Android
HuaweiAscend P7Android
HuaweiAscend W1Windows Phone
HuaweiMate 9Android
HuaweiMate 10Android
HuaweiMate 10 ProAndroid
HuaweiMate 20Android
HuaweiMate 20 XAndroid
HuaweiMate SAndroid
HuaweiNexus 6PAndroid
HuaweiNova YoungAndroid
HuaweiP smartAndroid
HuaweiP Smart PlusAndroid
HuaweiP8 Lite 2017Android
HuaweiP9 PlusAndroid
HuaweiP10 LiteAndroid
HuaweiP10 PlusAndroid
HuaweiP20 ProAndroid
HuaweiWatch 2Android
JollaJollaSailfish OS
KapsysSmartVision LiteAndroid
KomuK8 4GAndroid
LenovoThinkPad X1 Carbon *Windows 10
LenovoThinkPad X1 Yoga *Windows 10
LenovoThinkPad X380 Yoga *Windows 10
LGG Flex 2Android
LGG2 Mini LTEAndroid
LGG3 D855Android
LGG3 SAndroid
LGG4 (H815)Android
LGG6 (H870)Android
LGG7 FitAndroid
LGG7 OneAndroid
LGK10 2018Android
LGK10 Alpha 2018Android
LGK10 Plus 2018Android
LGL FinoAndroid
LGNexus 5XAndroid
LGOptimus 4X HDAndroid
LGOptimus L5Android
LGOptimus L5 IIAndroid
LGOptimus L7 IIAndroid
LGOptimus L9 IIAndroid
LGOptimus Vu 2Android
LGPower XAndroid
LGPrada 3.0Android
LGQ StylusAndroid
LGQ6 AlphaAndroid
LGQ6 PlusAndroid
LGQ7 AlphaAndroid
LGQ7 PlusAndroid
LGSpectrum 2Android
LGV30 ThinQAndroid
LGV35 ThinQAndroid
LGV40 ThinQAndroid
LGX ventureAndroid
MicrosoftLumia 640XLWindows Phone
MicrosoftLumia 650Windows 10 Mobile
MicrosoftLumia 950Windows 10 Mobile
MicrosoftLumia 950XLWindows 10 Mobile
MicrosoftSurface GoWindows 10
MotorolaDroid Razr iAndroid
MotorolaDroid Razr MaxxAndroid
MotorolaDroid Razr Maxx HDAndroid
MotorolaMoto E4Android
MotorolaMoto E4 PlusAndroid
MotorolaMoto G 2014Android
MotorolaMoto G5S PlusAndroid
MotorolaMoto MaxxAndroid
MotorolaMoto xAndroid
MotorolaMoto X PlayAndroid
MotorolaMoto Z2 ForceAndroid
MotorolaMoto Z2 PlayAndroid
MotorolaMoto Z3 Play Power EditionAndroid
MotorolaPhoton QAndroid
Nokia7 PlusAndroid
Nokia6131Nokia OS
Nokia6212 ClassicNokia OS
Nokia6216 ClassicNokia OS
Nokia808 PureViewSymbian
NokiaLumia 1020Windows Phone
NokiaLumia 1520Windows Phone
NokiaLumia 2520Windows Phone
NokiaLumia 720Windows Phone
NokiaLumia 730Windows Phone
NokiaLumia 735Windows Phone
NokiaLumia 810Windows Phone
NokiaLumia 820Windows Phone
NokiaLumia 822Windows Phone
NokiaLumia 830Windows Phone
NokiaLumia 920Windows Phone
NokiaLumia 925Windows Phone
NokiaLumia 928Windows Phone
NokiaLumia 930Windows Phone
NokiaLumia IconWindows Phone
OppoFind XAndroid
OppoRX17 ProAndroid
SamsungAtiv SWindows Phone
SamsungGalaxy A3 2017Android 8.0
SamsungGalaxy A5 2017Android 8.0
SamsungGalaxy A7Android
SamsungGalaxy A7 2018Android
SamsungGalaxy A8Android
SamsungGalaxy A8 2018Android
SamsungGalaxy A8 Plus 2018Android
SamsungGalaxy A8sAndroid
SamsungGalaxy Ace 3Android
SamsungGalaxy Ace 4Android
SamsungGalaxy AlphaAndroid
SamsungGalaxy Core 2Android
SamsungGalaxy Core AdvanceAndroid
SamsungGalaxy Core PlusAndroid
SamsungGalaxy Core PrimeAndroid
SamsungGalaxy Express 2Android
SamsungGalaxy FameAndroid
SamsungGalaxy Fame LiteAndroid
SamsungGalaxy Grand DuosAndroid
SamsungGalaxy Grand PrimeAndroid
SamsungGalaxy J3 (2016)Android
SamsungGalaxy J4 PlusAndroid
SamsungGalaxy J5 (2016)Android
SamsungGalaxy J5 (2017)Android
SamsungGalaxy J5 ProAndroid
SamsungGalaxy J6 PlusAndroid
SamsungGalaxy J7 (2017)Android
SamsungGalaxy K ZoomAndroid
SamsungGalaxy MegaAndroid
SamsungGalaxy Mini 2Android
SamsungGalaxy NexusAndroid
SamsungGalaxy Note 2Android
SamsungGalaxy Note 3Android
SamsungGalaxy Note 3 NeoAndroid
SamsungGalaxy Note 4Android
SamsungGalaxy Note 5Android
SamsungGalaxy Note 7Android
SamsungGalaxy Note 7 FEAndroid
SamsungGalaxy Note 8Android
SamsungGalaxy Note EdgeAndroid
SamsungGalaxy S3Android
SamsungGalaxy S3 NeoAndroid
SamsungGalaxy S4Android
SamsungGalaxy S4 ActiveAndroid
SamsungGalaxy S4 MiniAndroid
SamsungGalaxy S4 zoomAndroid
SamsungGalaxy S5Android
SamsungGalaxy S5 MiniAndroid
SamsungGalaxy S6Android
SamsungGalaxy S6 EdgeAndroid
SamsungGalaxy S6 Edge PlusAndroid
SamsungGalaxy S7Android 8
SamsungGalaxy S7 EdgeAndroid
SamsungGalaxy S8Android 8
SamsungGalaxy S8+Android
SamsungGalaxy S9Android
SamsungGalaxy S9 PlusAndroid
SamsungGalaxy SuperiorAndroid
SamsungGalaxy Tab ActiveAndroid
SamsungGalaxy Tab Active2Android
SamsungGalaxy Xcover 3 (G388F)Android
SamsungGalaxy Xcover 3 (G389F)Android
SamsungGalaxy Xcover 4Android
SamsungGalaxy YoungAndroid
SamsungWave 578Bada
SharpAquos D10Android
SonySmartWatch 2Android
SonyXperia Acro SAndroid
SonyXperia C4Android
SonyXperia C5 UltraAndroid
SonyXperia IonAndroid
SonyXperia LAndroid
SonyXperia L2Android
SonyXperia MAndroid
SonyXperia M DualAndroid
SonyXperia M2Android
SonyXperia M2 AquaAndroid
SonyXperia M4 AquaAndroid
SonyXperia M5Android
SonyXperia PAndroid
SonyXperia SAndroid
SonyXperia SLAndroid
SonyXperia SolaAndroid
SonyXperia SPAndroid
SonyXperia TAndroid
SonyXperia T3Android
SonyXperia Tablet ZAndroid
SonyXperia TXAndroid
SonyXperia VAndroid
SonyXperia XAndroid
SonyXperia X CompactAndroid
SonyXperia X PerformanceAndroid
SonyXperia XA1 PlusAndroid
SonyXperia XA1 UltraAndroid
SonyXperia XA2Android
SonyXperia XA2 PlusAndroid
SonyXperia XA2 UltraAndroid
SonyXperia XZAndroid
SonyXperia XZ PremiumAndroid
SonyXperia XZ1Android
SonyXperia XZ1 CompactAndroid
SonyXperia ZAndroid
SonyXperia Z UltraAndroid
SonyXperia Z1Android
SonyXperia Z1 CompactAndroid
SonyXperia Z2Android
SonyXperia Z2 TabletAndroid
SonyXperia Z3Android
SonyXperia Z3 CompactAndroid
SonyXperia Z3+Android
SonyXperia Z4 TabletAndroid
SonyXperia Z5 CompactAndroid
SonyXperia Z5 PremiumAndroid
SonyXperia ZLAndroid
StonexStonex OneAndroid
XiaomiMI 2aAndroid
XiaomiMi 3Android
XiaomiMi 4Android
XiaomiMi 5Android
XiaomiMi 5sAndroid
XiaomiMi 5s PlusAndroid
XiaomiMi 5XAndroid
XiaomiMi 6Android
XiaomiMi 8Android
XiaomiMi MixAndroid
XiaomiMi Mix 2Android
XiaomiMi Mix 2SAndroid
XiaomiMi Mix 3Android
XiaomiMi Note 2Android
XiaomiMi Note 3Android