Why Should Businesses Start Using NFC Tags?

Why Should Businesses Start Using NFC Tags?

NFC technology is a core concept for instant and contactless payments that continued to grow in popularity and became a necessity during the pandemic to mitigate the risk of infection. NFC tags are currently popular not only for contactless payments but also for people who customise tags and cards for different uses. Some even use the technology to make their homes smarter. Customers and tech enthusiasts should not be the only ones to benefit from NFC technology, so businesses should consider investing in and using it for their day-to-day operations. Several industries have already begun adopting NFC technologies and reaping industry-specific benefits. Once companies start using NFC tags, they can generally reap the following benefits:

Benefit from Instant Connection

NFC-enabled devices and NFC stickers only need a tap for a connection to be made. It is even possible to connect at a distance of 4 cm. Once the NFC-enabled device and tag are connected, the data exchange occurs in a split exchange which is also virtually the same as an instant connection. Instant connectivity makes NFC technology highly convenient for businesses that aim to provide information to both customers and employees in an instant. Because smartphones are the most accessible NFC-enabled devices, and most people will have smartphones, NFC tech has become more convenient for businesses.

Benefit from Versatile Wireless Information Exchange

Apart from instant connectivity, businesses can also benefit from the wireless nature of information exchange. This is possible even without Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, 5G, or LTE. Construction firms that aim to create smart factories will need to invest in expensive technologies to automate the manufacturing process. Smaller businesses that only aim to automate certain in-office operations or improve security won't need to spend too much. NFC tags, cards, and related hardware like readers, writers, and encoders are enough if they will not assign NFC-enabled smartphones to each employee. NFC technology is versatile and applicable for various sectors with wide-ranging capabilities depending on a company’s needs. Small shops that use NFC POS terminals won’t need to deploy Wi-Fi inside the shop to allow contactless payment, as long as the customer’s using an NFC debit or credit card, NFC smartphone, or NFC wearables.

Become Eco-Friendly

With more and more people wanting to be more eco-friendly and eco-friendly businesses becoming more popular with consumers, businesses that invest in NFC technologies can have an edge against businesses that don’t. This is because certain tags can be made from recyclable paper without using plastics, and companies can use custom laser engraved or UV-printed wooden NFC cards. Because of the eco-friendly options available in NFC, the technology can be an affordable alternative to plastic by combining tags and wooden cards. While businesses are saving money, they can also attract the attention of many eco-friendly consumers. Ordering NFC from NFC Tagify ensures you'll transact with a carbon-neutral company that plants a tree for every order. Not only will you be able to use eco-friendly NFC items, but you'll also be able to help the world by planting a tree.

Improve Security

As mentioned before, businesses can use NFC to improve their security. Custom NFC tags and cards can be made as access control tags and cards to secure the office, and even more regular tags won’t be that vulnerable to hackers. The security of NFC technology starts with the fact that people MUST be near a tag to access information. Most attackers will be hindered when an NFC-enabled device or tag is protected by RFID shielding. RFID-blocking wallets can effectively block external electromagnetic fields created by scanners from communicating with the NFC chip. Hackers equipped with special scanners to steal information from an NFC tag can easily be thwarted by using RFID-blocking wallets if it's unavoidable to have people in close proximity to the NFC device user. Additionally, smartphones typically have security protection features, including passwords and biometric security, to keep people safe from fraudsters and hackers.


Using NFC tags will bring multiple benefits for businesses that streamline processes and improve security. Right now, many businesses use QR codes to some extent for this purpose, and they are already partially eco-friendly since the codes can be printed on paper, but it might be better for them to switch to NFC tags. People can learn more about the many cool uses of NFC tags, including some business applications and the difference between NFC tags and QR codes, through NFC Tagify. NFC Tagify is a carbon-neutral company that provides a wide range of NFC solutions. Choose NFC Tagify today for the ultimate NFC solutions ranging from NFC stickers, chips, and business cards in the UK today.