Key Features of NFC Key Fobs

Are you looking to increase the connectivity of your business? NFC key fobs and other NFC-enabled devices offer an excellent and convenient option. These wireless tools allow you to share data at a close range and can be used for many applications.

For instance, you can learn the use of NFC key fobs for access control, verifying the identity of your employees and visitors, increasing the efficiency of attendance and time tracking, and managing memberships.

Aside from close-range connectivity, NFC-enabled key fobs have a wide range of other features:

  • Durability

High-quality key fobs are made with waterproof and corrosion-resistant materials. Some products feature an epoxy surface with an aluminium antenna, enhancing their durability and longevity. In addition, they come with a glossy finish, easily resisting chips and scratches from prolonged use.

  • Security

NFC tags and chips will not transfer data unless two compatible devices are within 4 to 10 cm of each other. This minimises the risk of sending private information to unauthorised users, allowing you to control every data.

But what if you wanted to enhance your security further? Some NFC chips can be password-protected and permanently locked after encoding. As a result, you can prevent other people from changing, stealing, and deleting your data.

  • Compatibility

Almost all modern smartphones, tablets, and laptops are compatible with NFC. So, for example, you can quickly transfer data from your key fobs to an iPhone or a variety of Android phones, increasing your wireless capabilities.

  • Customisability

NFC key fobs come in numerous colours, shapes, and sizes. You can customise them according to your tastes, choosing from red, blue, yellow, or even plain white.

In addition, top NFC technology providers allow you to print double-sided logos, images, and other designs on the key fob. Thus, you can easily change their styles depending on their intended purposes.

Make sure to purchase and print your NFC key fobs through a reliable and experienced NFC product supplier in the UK to guarantee their quality and functionality.