Which One is the Best Ntag215 or Ntag213?

Which One is the Best Ntag215 or Ntag213? - NFC Tagify


Diving into the NFC technology, choosing the right NFC chip for your needs is crucial. NTAG213 and NTAG215, both from NXP Semiconductors, are popular choices. Despite their similarities, they have distinct features and applications that set them apart. This article compares NTAG213 and NTAG215 to help you determine which chip is best suited for your specific needs.




Similarities Between NTAG213 and NTAG215

NTAG213 and NTAG215 chips are part of the same (Ntag) family, designed to meet NFC Forum Type 2 Tag and ISO/IEC14443 Type A standards. They share comparable scan strengths, data transfer rates, input capacitance, and data retention capabilities.

NTAG213: Advantages and Ideal Uses

  • Affordability: NTAG213 chips are more cost-effective, making them ideal for budget-conscious projects.
  • Availability: These chips are readily available in the market, offering ease of purchase.
  • Typical Applications: Best suited for standard NFC tag applications like NFC-enabled marketing flyers or vouchers.

NTAG215: Advantages and Unique Applications

  • Larger Memory Capacity: With 504 bytes of memory, NTAG215 can store longer URLs (up to 488 characters), making it suitable for applications requiring extensive data storage.
  • Amiibo Compatibility: NTAG215 is the exclusive choice for creating custom Amiibo figures for Nintendo games, offering unique gaming experiences.
  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for creating v-cards, object identification, and vouchers, especially where larger data capacity is needed.

Choosing the Right Chip for Your Needs

The decision between NTAG213 and NTAG215 depends on your specific requirements:

  1. For Simple Tasks and Budget Constraints: If your application involves basic NFC functions and you are looking for a more economical option, NTAG213 is a suitable choice.

  2. For Extensive Data Needs and Gaming Applications: If your project requires storing larger amounts of data, such as long tracking URLs or creating custom Amiibo, NTAG215 is the recommended option.


Both NTAG213 and NTAG215 have their unique strengths and applications. NTAG213 is ideal for basic NFC needs and is more budget-friendly, while NTAG215 stands out in applications requiring larger data storage and is the go-to choice for custom Amiibo creation. Your choice should align with your specific needs, whether it's for simple marketing tools or more complex data and gaming applications. Understanding the distinct capabilities of each chip will ensure you select the most appropriate NFC technology for your project.

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