Which One is the Best Ntag215 or Ntag213?

Ntag213 and Ntag215 come from the same family of Ntag chips. Both were developed by NXP Semiconductors, and both are designed according to the standards of the NFC Forum Type 2 Tag and ISO/IEC14443 Type A specifications. Both have similar scan strengths, data transfer rate, input capacitance, and data retention. But while they seem to be similar, they are not exactly same.

Most people think that the only difference between the two is their memory size or storage capacity. Ntag213 has 144 bytes while Ntag215 has 504 bytes. The truth is that these two chips have more differences in terms of features and applications. And these are the things that you must consider in order to choose the best chip for you.

Ntag213 advantages

  • More affordable than Ntag215 - If you are looking for cheap chips for simple applications and tasks, then this chip will be good enough.
  • Easily available - Ntag213 is more common than Ntag215. You can easily find and buy them in many marketplaces.
  • Great for typical NFC tag uses - If you are making NFC-enabled flyers for marketing or vouchers, it will be more practical to use this chip.

Ntag215 advantages

  • Longer URLs - Having a bigger memory, this chip have can store up to 488 URL characters. This is more than three times bigger than the max URL characters allowed by Ntag213, which is 136. Ntag215 is perfect for applications that require very long tracking URLs.
  • The only NFC chip that can be used for creating your very own Amiibo - Amiibo is a toys-to-life figure or platform by Nintendo. If you are into games and you want to have a cheaper Amiibo that still help you unlock cool in-game extras, you need Ntag215 chips.
  • Applications - Aside from creating Amiibo, Ntag215 chips are also used for creating v-cards or virtual contact file, object identification, and vouchers as well.