Make Your Life Smart with NFC Tags

NFC technology has changed how we interact with our world. For example, relatively cheap NFC tags enable contactless payment systems and have made home automation much more affordable. Once you have a compatible smartphone, a tag writing app, and rewritable NFC tags, you can start making the most of what this technology offers. The tags are easy to rewrite so you can experiment on different automated setups. Here are some ideas:

Connect to a Wi-Fi Network instantly

Tired of lengthy and complicated Wi-Fi passwords? With NFC, you can replace the connection process with just one tap. Simply write your password on an NFC tag. Both iOS and Android support this feature, so one tap on the NFC tag can pre-populate connection details and put you online without fuss.

Order NFC business cards

Are you still carrying paper business cards? Perhaps it’s time to switch to a high-tech alternative. NFC business cards are rewritable and can contain so much more information than what would fit on a paper card. Simply tap it on your new contact’s NFC-enabled phone and they’ll get all your details.

Never be late again

Do you find it hard to wake up in the morning even with your relentless alarm clock? Order from a shop that can print NFC tags that will give you the motivation to get moving right away. You can use apps that integrate NFC tags and alarms, forcing you to interact with physical items with NFC stickers on them to get you out of bed.

Launch a website

Do you want to be able to quickly show potential clients your portfolio? It can be hard to direct someone to your website, especially if the URL is not simple. Instead of asking them to type out your website address, you can simply write your URL into an NFC tag and tap it on your potential client’s phone. Their mobile browser will direct them to your site.