We Offer the Best NFC Business Cards in UK

NFC business cards are the future, and you can find them here at NFC Tagify. Here’s why it’s time to start using them:

Store information digitally

NFC stands for near field communication. This technology allows two devices to communicate or exchange data. NFC business cards in the UK can be printed with your personal and professional details, just like a typical business card. But aside from your name, photo, address, profession, and contact details, it can also store loads of other information digitally in its chip; like links to your business website and/or social media pages. Simply tap it on a new contact’s phone and they will get your details right away!

The last business card you will need

Still handing out paper business cards one by one to people you meet at a networking event? It’s time to order your Customised NFC business card in the UK. All you have to do is to tap the card to a new contact’s NFC-enabled phone and they can save your contact information, visit your website or social media accounts, and see whatever information you saved on the card. Did your details change?

Simply update your NFC business card digitally, no need to order a new set of paper business cards! 

NFC Tagify is the place to find the best NFC business cards in the UK. We have a wide range of offerings for all budgets and requirements. We also offer different memory sizes. Do you intend to savelots of information?

Then you need a chip with a big memory. Choose NTAG213 or higher. We have it in stock!

Do you want to print your contact information on your NFC card? We offer printing services in colour and on both sides of the card on our NFC solution forum. Just let us know what kind of customisation you need and we’ll make it a reality.