Reasons Why You Should Invest in NFC Business Cards

In a noisy market, it’s tougher than ever to get a brand noticed. If you want your sales team to make a great impression, perhaps it’s time for them to start using NFC business cards instead of regular paper cards. The need for unique business cards is essential for all business types. These cards haven’t lost their practicality even in this digital age—but they have certainly evolved. You’re probably wondering: What makes an NFC business card unique? An NFC business card doesn’t look any different from a traditional business card since it contains the usual printed information you will find on a paper business card. However, what makes it unique is the hidden NFC chip that can only be “read” with another gadget that is NFC-enabled. Such technology makes it possible for you, as the business owner, to embed a custom URL into the NFC chip that automatically directs clients who “read” the business card to exclusive content on your website. This can make it so much easier to explain your products and services. You can tap the NFC enabled business card against an NFC-enabled phone to automatically transfer your contact details to that phone. This doesn’t only make it easier for you or your sales team to share contact information with potential clients—it also gives the impression that your company invests in the latest technologies. NFC business cards are also easily reprogrammable, so if you move offices, you can simply update the details. What’s more, NFC business cards are the same size as traditional paper cards, too; thus, it can easily fit in a wallet. NFC-compatible gadgets can likewise read information on the business card within a radius of about 3-4 centimeters through a wireless connection. Having business cards that can provide contact information digitally and link to web pages for that added interactive element can truly make you stand out. If you have a business and you want something unique to set you apart from the competition, invest in NFC business cards and bring your business to new heights.