Custom NFC Business Cards

Custom NFC Business Cards

Customizing Your NFC Business Cards 


NFC business cards offer a modern and versatile way to share your information. Customizing these cards to reflect your personal or business identity is simple and flexible, allowing for edge-to-edge printing on all our cards. Here’s how you can make your NFC business card uniquely yours.


What Can You Print on Your NFC Business Card?

People often ask, "What can I print on my NFC business card?" The answer is: virtually anything that represents you or your business. Here are some popular options:

  • Traditional Information: Many choose to print their personal information, such as name, job title, company logo, and contact details, along with the NFC symbol on the edge. This approach keeps all essential information in one place, making it easy for recipients to get in touch with you.

  • Minimalistic Design: Some prefer a minimalist approach, printing only the company logo in the corner or center, accompanied by their name. This clean and elegant design makes a strong visual impact while still providing essential information.

  • ID Badge: For those using the card as an ID badge, a personal photo along with the name and title can be printed. This is especially useful for corporate environments where identification is necessary, ensuring quick recognition and access.

  • Artwork: Artists often print their unique artwork on the card, using it as a creative business card or mini portfolio. This not only showcases their talent but also makes the card memorable and visually appealing.

  • WiFi Connection: Users who utilize the card for WiFi connections might print Android and iPhone logos along with WiFi symbols. This clearly indicates the card's purpose, making it user-friendly for guests who need to connect to the internet.

Additionally, you can add a QR code to the front or back of the card. This QR code serves as a backup for phones that can't read the NFC chip, ensuring the recipient can still access your information. The QR code can link to the same or different content as the NFC chip, providing flexibility in how you share your details.

When designing your NFC business card, think about what best represents your brand or personal identity. Whether it's a sleek professional look or a creative artistic design, the possibilities are endless. Our edge-to-edge printing ensures that your design will cover the entire card, providing a high-quality and professional finish.

NFC Card

NFC Card

NFC Card

NFC Card

NFC Card

How to Upload Your Design

Once you place your order, you can upload your design or note here, where you’ll find a section regarding the QR code. For the best results, please ensure that your artwork meets the following specifications:

  • Image Size: 146.7 x 88.6 mm, 1036 x 664 pixels (3.46" * 2.22") or an equivalent ratio.
  • File Types: Accepted formats include jpeg, png, jpg, PDF, ai.
  • Bleeding Margin: Allow a bleeding margin of 1-2 mm around the edge of the card design. Avoid placing sensitive information close to the edges to prevent it from being cut off.

Follow these guidelines to ensure a smooth and high-quality printing process for your NFC business cards.

Types of NFC Business Cards 

We offer a variety of NFC business cards, each customizable to fit your needs:

Choose the type that best suits your style and professional requirements to make a lasting impression.

What Happens When the Card is Tapped?

Once the NFC business card is tapped, it opens the information stored within it. The content can vary based on your preferences. Some people add a specific URL that directs to their website, YouTube page, Instagram, LinkedIn, or any other online presence. Others might prefer to include a detailed profile containing all their personal details. Another popular option is having the contact information immediately displayed, ready to be added to the recipient's contacts.

All these customization options are available and can be specified on the form where you upload your design or note. This form is provided once you place your order, ensuring that we tailor the card to meet your exact needs. Additionally, if you prefer to leave the card blank so you can encode it yourself, that’s also an option we offer. Our goal is to provide flexibility and convenience, allowing you to make the most out of your NFC business card.



Customizing your NFC business card allows you to present your information in a way that best reflects your personal or professional identity. Whether you opt for a traditional design, minimalist look, or creative artwork, our edge-to-edge printing ensures high-quality results. Upload your design today and stand out in your networking endeavors.

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