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3 x Mini NFC Keyring Fob

Share your Contact Info, Social Media and leave a Lasting Impression with NFC Tagify

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   Customize Both Sides, Your Style
   iOS & Android Compatible, App-Free
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   Dynamic QR and NFC Tech
   Free Digital Business Profile, No Monthly Fees

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Crafted from durable, white PVC, these key fob cards come in batches of three. They are available in a standard rectangular shape or with one slanted edge for a distinct look. Their compact size makes them ideal for attaching to keys or keeping in your wallet.<br>

Dimensions: Approx 1/3 standard card size
Material: White PVC


Our key fobs come with UV printing on both sides, offering full design freedom. While we don't offer a gloss finish for this product, our high-quality printing ensures vibrant and detailed representation of your chosen design.


Just like our larger cards, these mini versions come equipped with an embedded NXP NTAG213 chip, ensuring universal compatibility with iPhone and Android devices. Carry your digital presence everywhere you go.
<br>Embedded Chip: NXP NTAG213
<br>Memory: 144Bytes
<br>Compatibility: iPhone and Android


Personalize your key fob's link to connect to your free profile on our software, an existing account on platforms like Linktree or Hihello, or any other website. <br>Choose to have us encode your key fobs or leave them unencoded for future customization. Our cards remain unlocked, always ready to adapt to your needs.

Online Platform

Choose our free software for your key fob and maintain control over your contact details and social media links. Update your digital details anytime, anywhere, and your mini digital business card instantly reflects the changes. <br>Enjoy the flexibility and control of our smart business cards, with no hidden costs or subscriptions.

Distinct Elegance in Fully Customizable Digital Cards

Your All-In-One, Tailor-Made Smart Card

Experience the luxury of choice with our NFC-enabled digital business cards. Crafted with an elegant, durable finish, these cards are uniquely yours - fully customizable on both sides. Unlike competitors who reserve the back for a QR code, we give you the power to personalize your entire card. No apps, no subscriptions, just a tap card that's as unique as your business, always with you, and eco-friendly.

Freedom to Choose with Our Smart Business Cards

Reinventing First Impressions, Your Way

Our NFC-enabled smart cards give you the power to choose. While we offer a free, fully-functional digital profile, we understand the importance of flexibility. Unlike our competitors, we don't lock you into our software. Use your digital business card to link to your website, your vCard, or popular digital business card platforms like Linktree or Hihello. The choice is yours, making our contactless business cards truly versatile and user-centered. No subscriptions, no limitations - just limitless possibilities.

Seamless Sharing with Digital Cards

Compatibility Meets Convenience

Our contactless business cards offer universal compatibility with Android and iPhone. Enjoy a lifetime of unlimited access, with no hidden fees. Our NFC cards, proudly made in the UK, are designed for simplicity and longevity. The smart card that's always ready.

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The QR print was perfect quality print and as is the PVC CARD quality