Premium Digital Cards

Premium Digital Cards

Enhancing Your Brand with Business Cards Featuring QR/NFC and Artwork

In the digital age, business cards have evolved beyond mere contact information carriers. They have become powerful tools for branding, networking, and engagement. The integration of QR codes and NFC (Near-Field Communication) technology with exquisite artwork on business cards is revolutionizing how professionals connect and share information. This article delves into the benefits of such advanced business cards and highlights the premium offerings from NFC Tagify.

The Evolution of Business Cards

Traditional business cards have served their purpose well, but today's competitive market demands more innovative and interactive solutions. By incorporating QR codes and NFC technology, business cards can now offer instant access to digital profiles, websites, and more, providing a seamless blend of physical and digital networking.

Premium Look and Feel

At NFC Tagify, we understand the importance of first impressions. Our customized PVC digital cards are designed to impress, featuring a premium look with a matte finish and gloss layer. These cards are not only visually appealing but also durable, ensuring they remain in pristine condition even after extensive handling.

Customization Edge to Edge

One of the standout features of our business cards is the ability to customize them edge to edge with any design. Whether you want a minimalist aesthetic, a vibrant artwork, or a professional corporate look, our printing technology ensures that your design comes out perfectly. This level of customization allows your business cards to truly reflect your brand identity and creativity.

Free QR Code Integration

Understanding the growing need for digital interactivity, we offer free QR code integration on all our business cards. Clients can provide their own QR codes, or we can create one for them based on a URL they provide. There are no hidden fees, limitations on scans, or additional costs. This ensures that your clients and contacts can always access the digital information you want to share, effortlessly.

For clients looking for a more comprehensive digital presence, we offer the option to create a free profile that can be encoded into the NFC chip and QR code. This profile can include contact details, social media links, portfolio, and more, making your business card a gateway to your professional persona.

Seamless Post-Checkout Experience

We strive to make the customization process as smooth as possible. After checkout, clients are directed to a page where they can upload their designs and specify their preferences for the QR code actions. This can also be accessed later via a confirmation email or directly through this link: Upload Your Designs.

Why Choose NFC Tagify Business Cards?

  1. Premium Quality: Our cards feature a matte finish and gloss layer, providing a sophisticated and durable product.
  2. Full Customization: Edge-to-edge printing ensures that your unique design stands out.
  3. Free QR Code Integration: No hidden fees or limitations on scans.
  4. NFC Technology: Enhance interactivity and provide instant access to digital profiles and content.
  5. Easy Design Upload: Seamless post-checkout process for uploading designs and setting up QR code actions.



Incorporating QR codes and NFC technology into your business cards, coupled with exquisite artwork and premium finishes, can significantly enhance your brand’s image and networking capabilities. NFC Tagify offers the perfect solution with its high-quality, customizable PVC cards, ensuring that your business cards are not just informative, but also interactive and memorable.


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Fully Customisable

PVC Digital Business Card

   Customize Both Sides, Your Style
   iOS & Android Compatible, App-Free
   Buy a Card, Plant a Tree
   Dynamic QR and NFC Tech
   Free Digital Business Profile, No Monthly Fees
   Up to 70% discount on bulk order
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