NFC Tags Are Not Just for Mobile Payments – 5 Future Uses

With NFC (near field communication) becoming a more established communication technology, NFC tags are seeing even more widespread use and applications, more particularly when it comes to easy and secure payment transfers and one-tap transactions between consumers and businesses. Whether you choose Ntag213 or Ntag215 series tags (a family of chips manufactured by NXP and offering a full set of features, including robust memory for many standard use cases), NFC technology offers many great possibilities for the future of wireless data transfer.

NFC tags use a communicative technology that allows for wireless data transfers between NFC-enabled devices and NFC-equipped objects. With this technology, a physical item becomes smart as it is programmed with a unique digital experience designed specifically for that product. NFC tags consist of small storage memory, an antenna, and a radio chip. An enabled device can be read at a 10cm or 4in radius, within which an enabled device instantly picks up electromagnetic waves and facilitates wireless data transfer within the tag. Besides mobile payments, there are many other potential uses for NFC tags, including the following:

Dual-sensor enabled smart badges for conferences/trainings

NFC tags can be used as smart badges, which can help boost attendee experience and engagement by enabling the instant transfer of conference materials and other contextual content like real-time information, event agenda, weather updates, and social feeds.

Customised consumer products for increased engagement and customer satisfaction

Ski lift passes, prescription bottles, ruggedized labels for outdoor use are only some products that NFC tags can enable and enhance with contextual information to maximise customer satisfaction.

Smart business cards

NFCTagify NFC tags can be used to share a wealth of information about your business and/or your role in a business, from your basic contact info to links to your company website, your business proposition, and so much more.

Mobile phone hotspot

An NFC tag can be used to fire up a smart phone’s or device’s hotspot capability with just a simple tap.

Promotional posters and flyers

Placing an NFC tag on a poster or flyer promoting your business or event will allow readers to scan the flyer and instantly get important information about what you are promoting on their phone, from a Google Map layout of the location to directions toward that particular location, and other details about what you are advertising.