NFC PVC Cards — Are They a Useful Technology?

Near-field communication (NFC) technology is not new, but it’s overlooked often in favour of other wireless technologies. But don’t be fooled. NFC PVC cards, tags, and key fobs have some advantages you won’t find anywhere else.

Here are some excellent benefits of NFC PVC cards:

  • They are durable

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a plastic polymer known for its durability. It can be found everywhere, from your detergent bottles to plumbing pipes.

You can expect the same level of durability in NFC-enabled PVC cards. These products are flexible with high tensile strength and can resist water, extreme temperatures, and most chemicals. These qualities make PVC the perfect medium for printing. They can easily absorb colour without smudging or bleeding, giving you more freedom to add text, images, and watermarks.

  • They are highly secure

NFC cards can transfer data between compatible devices over short ranges. This means no one can steal or alter your information unless they’re nearby, guaranteeing your safety against unauthorised users.

Moreover, some NFC chips can be password-protected after encoding to increase data security.

  • They have a variety of uses

NFC PVC cards are incredibly versatile, whether you use them for personal purposes or business transformation. For instance, you can install smart locks in your home, configuring the NFC card to lock and unlock your door.

You can also use NFC-enabled cards as virtual business cards. Top NFC technology providers allow you to program their products and save your contact information, social media profile, and website to attract more customers.

Other popular uses for NFC cards include; contactless payments, automatic messages, and media sharing.

Are you ready to print NFC PVC cards for personal or business use? Look for a trusted provider that allows you to customise the cards and encode data to maximise their potential.