4 Creative Ways NFC Tags Can Help You Everyday

NFC tags are often heard when contactless payments are discussed. What most people don't know is that NFC technology isn't only utilised for mobile payments but other applications as well. You can buy NFC tags or stickers for personal everyday use. Simply program them using any mobile application. Here are some creative tips on how you can use them in your day to day activities. 

Give Wi-Fi access  

Want to share Wi-Fi access to your visitors without having to remember and spell out a difficult password? An NFC tag is the key. Store your Wi-Fi password on the sticker then place it somewhere near the router or computer, so when your friends ask for the password, tell them to hover their phone to read the tag, and they'll automatically connect to your Wi-Fi. This can save you a lot of time.  

Launch maps  

One cool way of using NFC tags is to encode it to automatically launch Google Maps, Waze, and other direction apps for driving. This way, you can step in your car, ready to drive anywhere. Perhaps, the affordable NTAG213 will be enough to accomplish a simple task like this. 

Turn your lights on and off 

Wouldn't life be easier if you can turn on and off your lights by just waving your phone? Place the sticker near your bed so you can turn the lights off while comfortably lying down. Take note, though, that it will be tricky to implement this as it involves plenty of steps. But it's an idea worth trying to make your home a bit smarter. 

Share personal information 

Forgot to bring your business cards? Perhaps you don't ever intend to use them? That's okay. You can share vCards and other personal information with others using NTAG215. It is a medium-sized NFC tag that can store 504 bytes of information. You can embed it with a link to your website or social media platform.