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Buy NFC Tags, NFC chips, NFC stickers & business cards throughout the UK & Europe. As our name suggests, at NFC “Tag-ify” we sell NFC products, providing Near Field Communication solutions for businesses, including contactless NFC tags, stickers, chips and business cards. For your peace of mind, all of our NFC products are manufactured to comply with NFC Forum specifications.

What is NFC?

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a contactless, wireless solution that connects the physical & digital worlds by enabling direct brand to consumer mobile engagement.

This contactless connection is established by using electronic NFC Chips. This enables your mobile phone to communicate with another NFC compatible device within a radius of about 3-4 centimetres by providing a wireless connection.

This contactless communication allows both devices to be able to send and receive information over an NFC connection which does not rely on Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, LTE or otherwise and also costs nothing to use.

What is an NFC Tag?

An NFC Tag consists of a chip & antenna. The NFC chip is a microchip containing just a small amount of memory and technology allowing it to communicate with other devices wirelessly via the antenna. All products will vary, but essentially they all have the same component set up.


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Free NFC Samples for your Business

We want to make sure you get the right NFC tag for your business needs.

So before ordering bulk quantities, if you are not sure which type is needed or just want to try out some samples and see if they are what you need!

We’ll send some free tags by Royal Mail 1st Class Post with no shipping fees to your business address.

You can just tell us which NFC product you are interested in or simply tell us what problem or goal it is that needs solving and our team will select and ship few products that's just right!

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NFC Services

For home / car / office (individual) usages

Transform you home, office and car

Control your smart phone by automatically changing any setting or configuration e.g. set an alarm, toggling or pairing Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, launch an App or navigation, control sound volume & screen brightness, connect to car systems… etc

Communicate with the world e.g. make a call, send SMS, share a contact, send a business card, tap to re-order, update social media like Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…etc)

For business

Transform your business by adding NFC smart tags to your product, packaging, shelf labels, leaflet and marketing material, these things will be able to talk to your customers. With a single tap, the customer will get your voucher, coupons, user manual, food menus, or you can even redirect them to a landing page or to your website to buy, comment, leave a review, get in touch or even to register or authenticate the product.

NFC tags are the appropriate solution for many everyday business-centric and individual-related situations today. From helping with, to enabling easy transmission of your business card information to the mobile of your customers and simple bracelets at events, festival, amusement parks and movie theatres, NFC tags can be used effectively in all spheres of our lives.

These products are currently used for marketing purposes and also in logistics and tracking systems. But, with the kind of intelligence it offers, these tags can be literally used in multiple contexts – what it calls for is innovation and creativity.

Why NFC Tagify?

Choose NFC Tagify for the ultimate NFC solutions. Our products are programmable that helps with qualitative contactless communication. We are one of the leading providers of NFC tags in the UK.

  • We have the choicest available range of NFC Tags that are compliant with the required industry standards and are appropriate solutions for all types of business requirements.
  • Compatible with required devices, our tags are available in different shapes, sizes and dimensions.
  • Superior memory size and equipped with excellent range.
  • Cost-effective and dependable quality products.
  • Guaranteed performance and reading speed.
  • Robust and reliable devices.

NFC Tagify offers pioneering contactless technology solutions that are smarter and way intelligent as compared to other known methods of storing and transmitting information created till date. Data that can range from critical business and personal data to regular marketing information and tips can be stored, accessed and transferred seamlessly and fast using these devices. Our programmable devices are one of the best in the country; that are manufactured and designed to with NFC-Forum standards.

Compatibility, memory size and reliability are three important aspects of our programmable devices. We are committed to keep improvising our offerings and contactless solutions – a technology that is revolutionizing the way the world is exchanging information and data.

Our offerings include a range of NFC stickers, tags, cards and customized offerings for our customers. Choose from our extensive list of Clear NFC tags, Printed NFC tags, White NFC tags, On-metal and Anti-metal contactless devices, NFC Key Fobs and wristbands, and bespoke programmable products.