RFID / NFC Blocker Card


Guard your personal and financial data with our advanced RFID Blocker Card, featuring passive interference technology. This innovative card neutralizes incoming NFC and RFID signals from unauthorized readers or mobile devices....


Color: Black


Crafted from durable PVC in a sleek blue and black design, this RFID Blocker Card is the same size and thickness as a traditional bank card, making it a seamless addition to any wallet.


Equipped with a specialized passive chip, our card detects incoming RFID and NFC frequencies and emits counter-frequencies to neutralize them. No batteries required—just place it in your wallet for round-the-clock protection.


Unmatched Security in Your Pocket

Technology Unveiled

Experience the pinnacle of personal data protection with our RFID Blocker Card. Utilizing cutting-edge passive interference technology, this card is your ultimate shield against unauthorized RFID and NFC scans.

How It Works

Our card features a specialized passive chip that springs into action only when it detects incoming frequencies from unauthorized RFID or NFC scanners. Using the power from the reader itself, the chip emits counter-frequencies to neutralize these incoming signals. This ensures comprehensive protection for not just your digital business cards, but also all your contactless bank, credit, and debit cards.

The chip doesn't emit any waves on its own, making it a passive and safe-to-carry solution. Simply place the card in your wallet, and a 2 cm protective field is created on both sides, offering round-the-clock security for all your contactless cards. No batteries needed—just effortless, reliable protection.

A Sleek Addition to Any Wallet

Style Meets Security

Our RFID Blocker Card isn't just about top-notch security—it's also a style statement. Available in two color variations to suit both him and her, this card is the perfect blend of form and function.

Easy to Carry, Easier to Use

Made from high-quality PVC, this card is as slim and sleek as any traditional bank card. It effortlessly fits into any wallet, providing a 2 cm protective field on both sides to keep all your contactless cards—be it business, banking, or identification—safe from unauthorized scans. No batteries, no hassle—just peace of mind in your pocket.

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