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Customized Magnetic Card

£18.00 GBP

Experience the magic of smart technology with our Customised NFC Magnetic Cards. Stick it to any metallic surface for easy and accessible digital interaction.


Finish: Matte

Spot Gloss

Our NFC Magnetic Cards are crafted to be durable, lightweight and versatile. Featuring a high-quality magnet on one side, they can easily adhere to any metal surface, like fridges, filing cabinets, or magnetic boards.
Dimensions: 54mm x 86mm
<br>Material: PVC with Magnetic backing


The front side of the magnetic card can be customized to your brand's aesthetic with vibrant UV printing. Add an extra touch of elegance and differentiation with our spot gloss finish on selected parts of your design.


Decide what your card links to: A free profile on our software, your own site or any other URL. We pre-encode your card to be ready-to-use upon arrival, but also give you the flexibility to reprogram it later.


Our Customised NFC Magnetic Cards offer the freedom to connect to any URL, opening a realm of endless possibilities for customer interaction. If desired, utilize our free online tool to construct a personalized digital profile, complete with contact details, logos, and relevant links. The choice, however, remains yours. You might choose to link directly to your preferred URL such as a review page, menu, or sign-in form. Our tool also incorporates an 'add to contact' feature for seamless data saving. Enjoy flexibility and user-engagement, all in one purchase.


Fitted with NFC technology and an optional QR code, these magnetic cards offer quick and easy access to any URL of your choice, from Wi-Fi connection, review collection page, a digital menu, to a sign-in form and more.
Embedded Chip: NXP NTAG213
<br>Memory: 144Bytes
<br>Compatibility: iPhone and Android

Engage and connect seamlessly with our NFC-enabled products

Smart Interaction Anywhere, Anytime

Unleash the power of interactive digital connection with our innovative smart table top cards, sticker cards, and magnetic PVC cards.

All equipped with embedded NFC technology, these tools seamlessly blend the physical and digital realms, creating a dynamic user experience.

Whether in a bustling restaurant, a tranquil clinic, or a busy office reception, these cards ensure your information is always at your customer's fingertips. With just a simple tap, customers can access review pages, data registration forms, or any URL, boosting your business's digital engagement.

Personalize to your brand’s unique style

Customization - The Choice is Yours

Let your brand identity shine through our customizable smart products. All our table top cards, sticker cards, and magnetic PVC cards can be fully customized using UV printer technology, allowing you to put your brand on the forefront. Whether you want your logo in full color, or your company's motto emblazoned in a striking font, we ensure your brand is not only seen but remembered.

Transform your customer interaction journey

Use Cases - Enhance Your Customer Engagement

Our smart products offer a diverse range of uses that can revolutionize the way you interact with your customers. Are you a restaurant looking for a modern way to present your menu? Or a clinic seeking to streamline your patient registration process? Maybe you're a business looking to increase your Google reviews? Whatever your needs, our smart table top cards, sticker cards, and magnetic PVC cards can be tailored to suit. Enhance your customer journey and elevate their experience with our smart digital solutions.

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octavio torrie
good quality

good quality

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Good value

good value