Coloured PVC Smart Card


Embrace the digital revolution with our Blank PVC NFC Cards.
Create your own digital business/ID card at low cost.


Chip: NTAG213


Color: Black


Our Blank PVC NFC Cards, available in 9 distinct colours, are made from high-quality, durable PVC, guaranteeing longevity and consistent performance. Dimensions: 54mm x 86mm Material: PVC

Although our Blank PVC NFC Cards come non-customized, they offer the flexibility to be personalized. Notably, the white card can be printed using a standard office card printer for further customization.

Each card incorporates an NXP NTAG213 chip, facilitating smooth and speedy digital interactions. Whether you aim to build a digital business card or link to a specific URL, these cards adapt to your needs. Embedded Chip: NXP NTAG213 Memory: 144Bytes Compatibility: iPhone and Android

These cards are ready to be programmed using any free NFC app on your smartphone. They offer the versatility to link to our free software profile, your own website, or any other URL.

To enhance your digital presence, these cards can be linked to our online tool. Create and update your digital business cards at any time, adding a dynamic dimension to your interaction.


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Our NFC stock items aren't just versatile in type but also in usage. You can customize them at your end using either standard office card printers or UV printers, depending on the product. Even our NFC sticker cards can be applied underneath printed labels for additional customization. Plus, programming these smart items is a breeze, ensuring your digital solutions are up and running smoothly.

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Want a custom NFC item similar to our stock products? Need to place a bulk order of smart cards or NFC devices? We can accommodate these requests with ease. For larger quantities or customizations, we provide express shipping in the UK for most NFC cards and selected sticker cards. For customizations on other items, we ensure prompt delivery within 2-3 weeks. We're dedicated to meeting your needs, no matter how specific they may be.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Good when you need them

Are good cards, which also work very well, but I don't know what you can do with them

Used them as key cards

works nicely, used them as key cards, just added some stickers so they can be easily recognized


Memory size is correct, working great, can be written and erased and also they can be printed on both sides with an ID card printer. Recomend.

Amazon Customer
Too Small for Amiibo's/Animal Crossing

Cards work perfectly fine. However, if you are buying them for Nintendo Amiibo/Animal Crossing Cards writing, they are too small. If you want to write Amiibo cards, buy NTAG216 cards, as they have 888 bytes of data (data needed 540 bytes). These cards (NTAG213) only have 144 bytes.

However, work perfectly fine for writing files up to 144 bytes.

Mr. M. D. Ellis
NFC Tags

These have nearly 1kb of storage which is big for a NFC Tag, my other tags couldn't even hold a HTTPS get request address, that's why i brought these.