Supporting Local Growth

Proud Member of "Made in Britain"

We're honoured to be a member of the esteemed "Made in Britain" organisation, a testament to our commitment to local manufacturing.

Every product we create undergoes significant transformative processes right here in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. From the human resources that craft our products to the development of our digital offerings, we uphold the spirit of British craftsmanship.

Our machinery, consumables, and card supplies are sourced primarily from UK companies, with additional resources from vetted partners in China. We're proud to contribute to the local economy and represent British manufacturing excellence. Check out our profile here to learn more.

Supporting the "Export is Great" Initiative

We're proudly supporting the "Export is Great" initiative by the Department for International Trade, an effort that empowers UK businesses to thrive globally.

As part of this movement, we've expanded our reach beyond local borders, bringing in 50% of our sales from international customers.

This not only boosts our business but also contributes to the UK's economy, fostering stronger global trade relationships. Our commitment to local and international growth is reflected in our profile on the platform. Check us out and discover how we're making an impact worldwide.