Business Cards

How can NFC be used with business cards?
What are the advantages of using NFC-enabled business cards?
Are NFC business cards compatible with all smartphones?
What are the security measures in place to protect the data on NFC business cards?
Can I use NFC business cards for purposes other than sharing contact information?


Can I customize the design of my NFC business card?
How do I select a template for my NFC business card?
Are there any restrictions on the size or dimensions of the artwork I can upload?
Can I change the position and alignment of elements on the NFC business card?
Is it possible to add additional information or fields to the NFC business card design?
Can I choose different card materials or finishes for my NFC business cards?


What is the purpose of the Returns Policy?
Are there any statutory rights that are not affected by this policy?
Under what conditions can a product be returned for a refund or exchange?
What is the procedure for returning a product under this policy?
What refund will be given for a properly returned product?
What are the contact details of NFC Tagify?