Digital Business Card App

Your all-in-one solution for digital business cards - create an online profile and generate a QR code, all for free!

Welcome to our Free Digital Card Platform, open to everyone! Create your own online digital business card, complete with a QR code and shareable link. Use it as a standalone digital card to network effortlessly, or take it to the next level by linking it to a physical NFC card from our Shop

Personalization at Your Fingertips

All-in-One Social Media Integration

Carve your unique digital presence with our robust customization features. Add a striking hero image and a personal photo, your name, and comprehensive contact details for a compelling digital profile.

Easily connect with your network across multiple platforms. Simply add your social media links and they will be displayed prominently next to your image on your digital card.

Quick and Easy Sign-Up

Effortless Contact Sharing with vCard

Experience an effortless journey from sign-up to launch. With a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls, creating your personalized digital business card is as simple as ABC.

Share your complete contact information with just a click. Our 'Add to Contact' feature allows recipients to download a vCard directly to their phone, seamlessly integrating your details into their contact list.

Customizable QR Code

Your Mini Website

Every profile comes with a unique QR code for easy sharing. Incorporate this into your print materials or artwork for quick access to your digital profile.

Our platform is not limited to individual use. Transform your profile into a digital storefront for your business. Include business-specific information and links to create an all-in-one digital presence.

Integrated Contact Form

Image and Document Hosting

Enrich your profile with more than just text and links. Add relevant images or documents to provide a comprehensive and engaging view of your offerings.

Invite engagement directly through your profile with our integrated contact form. Any submitted information generates an email sent directly to you, allowing you to respond promptly.

Contact me form

Collect leads on the go with the 'Contact Me' form! While others can easily save your details, this feature allows them to share their contact info with you instantly.

Social Media Integration

Adding your social media is a breeze! Simply copy and paste the full URL of each platform to effortlessly link them to your profile.

Image Cropping

Perfect your profile with our Image Cropping tool! Upload your photo or logo and easily crop it to fit a round circle, just like a Facebook profile picture.

Hero Image Upload

Make a statement with a Hero Image! Upload a stunning background photo to grace the top of your profile and set the tone for your digital card

Create Folders

Stay organized with our Create Folders feature! Sort your documents into folders for quick and easy access.

Enable/disable Contact me form

Choose whether or not to display your the 'Contact Me' form and what email address to be linked to.

Versatile File Support

Upload with ease using our Versatile File Support! From Word and PDFs to images and Excel files, we've got you covered.

Document Upload

Showcase your work with Document Upload! Easily add PDFs or Excel files to your profile, perfect for presentations and portfolios.

Document Upload

Showcase your work with Document Upload! Easily add PDFs or Excel files to your profile, perfect for presentations and portfolios.

Upload files and create folders

Data Export

Take control with Data Export! Request an export of all your data right from your account settings.

Social Media Icons

Get social with Social Media Icons! Display your social media handles right under your name for easy networking

QR Code Generation

Connect instantly with QR Code Generation! Your digital card comes with a QR code that links to your online portfolio

Account Management

Take control with our easy Account Management! Update your photos, documents, and contact details effortlessly, all in one place.

Social Media Integrations

Stay hyper-connected with the ability to link up to 18 different social media channels!

Privacy Settings

Your privacy, your rules! Control who sees what with customizable privacy settings for your portfolio.

Check our Digital Business Card App (Beta release)

Unlock the power of networking with our FREE Digital Business Card tool! Create your mini-website complete with contact details, social media links, and more. Get your own QR code and shareable link to distribute as you please.

Create your profile now!

Coming Soon: Our Exclusive Business Suite

Stay tuned for our exciting new offering - the Business Suite. Ideal for businesses ordering multiple cards, this suite allows for centralized management of all profiles under a single login. Perfect for an HR manager or a team lead looking to oversee company profiles.

This suite isn't just about convenience, though. It also offers full design flexibility, catering to your organization's specific needs. Expect a separate database for secure data storage, fully White-Labelled & Custom branded options and an option for custom domain mapping to strengthen your brand identity.

Although the upcoming Business Suite will be a premium offering, rest assured that we remain committed to our free version. We will continue to provide support and further development for this version, ensuring it is equipped with all the features an individual could need for their online digital business card.