Design & Customization

How do I correctly upload multiple designs?

Scenario 1: Uploading Artwork During Online Checkout

When you're ordering multiple card types online, each product page has its own upload button for artwork. Simply upload your designs there, and they'll automatically be matched with the card type you're viewing. Make sure to name your files logically like "Card1_Front," "Card1_Back," so we can easily pair the front and back designs for each individual card.

Scenario 2: Uploading Artwork Through Post-Purchase Email Link

If you didn't upload your artwork during checkout, no worries. You'll receive an email link where you can securely upload your designs. As in Scenario 1, please name your files logically (e.g., "Card1_Front," "Card1_Back") to help us pair the front and back designs of each card. If you ordered multiple types of cards, please include a note specifying which designs belong to which card type.

Can you assist in creating my design?

For all orders, we expect to receive ready-to-print files. Our in-house designers will optimize your files to ensure the best possible print quality. However, we won't customize or make design changes based on individual requests.

For bulk orders of 10+ cards, while we prefer receiving ready-to-print designs for each card, we do offer a convenient option: send us one editable design and a list of varying details (like names or QR codes), and we'll generate the other cards for you. This is especially helpful for organizations needing large quantities.