About Us


We're on a mission to empower individuals and businesses with innovative, high-quality NFC solutions, making digital interactions more efficient, enjoyable, and environmentally friendly.
For every order received, we pledge to plant a tree, ensuring our journey forward contributes to a greener planet.


To lead the digital revolution in an eco-friendly and sustainable way, transforming how people share information and interact with the world around them through NFC technology.


Our Story

Planting the Seed

The Start-Up

Our journey at NFCTagify kicked off in 2013. Back then, we were a simple venture, listing plain NFC stickers on eBay and Amazon. This was during the early days of NFC technology, with Android being the only platform offering support. Despite the niche market, our innovative NFC tags quickly found a loyal customer base among Android users who appreciated the convenience they brought to their daily phone tasks.

Broadening the Market

The Breakthrough

Fast forward to 2019, when the technology landscape took an exciting turn. With the release of the iPhone XS, the first iPhone to natively read NFC tags, a whole new demographic got introduced to the NFC universe. The result? Our sales skyrocketed. Our early entry into the market, coupled with our broad range of customized NFC products, propelled us to become the go-to seller on both eBay and Amazon.

Answering the Call

The Pivot

In 2020, we faced a new challenge with the onset of the pandemic. With social distancing rules in full swing, the need for contactless solutions was at an all-time high. We responded by developing customized PVC sticker cards in the UK. These cards, armed with QR codes and contactless NFC chips, proved to be an invaluable tool for app creators looking to offer contactless services.

Embracing the Future

Going Digital

As we began to see the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, it was clear that traditional methods of sharing contact information were on their way out. In response to this changing landscape, we unveiled our first-ever UK-customised digital business card, marking a pivotal moment in our journey and revolutionizing the way contact information was shared.

Scaling New Heights

Evolving and Expanding

After the lockdown lifted in 2021, we established our first physical office in Notting Hill Gate. Here, we launched a wide range of digital business cards backed by our own backend software, providing shareable digital business profiles. Today, in 2023, we're stationed in Paddington, offering an impressive assortment of UV printed and laser-engraved digital business cards, along with a myriad of NFC tags and cards. As we look to the future, we at NFCTagify remain committed to helping you unlock the endless possibilities of NFC technology.