Why Use Wooden NFC Cards?

Why Use Wooden NFC Cards?

In one of our previous articles, we talked about what digital business cards are and argued that NFC is the best medium for the business card. If you want to use NFC technology and a physical card, we suggest using a wooden card.

Why get a wooden NFC card? Simply because it has multiple advantages, both in function and aesthetics. Wooden cards have unique natural properties that plastic, PVC, and metal cards can’t imitate.

More Sustainable

Anyone entrepreneur or freelancer who needs a business card and wants to be eco-friendly will need a sustainable NFC card. While recycled plastic can help reduce plastic waste, the resulting card can still end up in landfills when disposed of. Wooden cards, however, are different.

Wooden NFC cards are made of wood, so they’re biodegradable and combustible. If the card is thrown away or lost, it can biodegrade and won’t contribute to pollution. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, even in some of the smallest ways possible, using wooden NFC business cards instead of traditional paper business cards or other cards is a good way to do this.

Most Cards Come from Renewable Forests

Because the wood used to make wooden cards comes from chopped trees, it’s possible to think you’re harming the environment just to get a wooden card. This isn’t the case since most of these cards come from renewable forests.

If you buy a wooden card from NFC Tagify, you contribute to the company’s tree planting initiative. Every single order equals one tree planted via Ecologi. One tree can be used to produce countless wooden cards, while one card will allow for one tree to be planted.

Multiple Customisation Options

Wooden NFC cards can come laser engraved or UV-printed. A custom card by NFC Tagify features an NTAG216 NXP chip to function as a digital business card without needing an online profile while also allowing the cardholder to print spot UV onto a matte black wood card. Thanks to the white ink and black card combination, the resulting card will have a premium look.

Wooden NFC cards can come in cherry, bamboo, black bamboo, white oak, sapele, and walnut wood. Different wood types mean different looking beautiful wooden cards.

Special Looking NFC Card

As mentioned above, wooden cards can come in many different wood types, allowing you to have a special-looking card according to your specifications. A black bamboo wood card is perfect if your company or you need a black card according to your brand.

When using wooden cards, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from and showing off your card in a meeting can potentially impress the person you’re meeting with. If you both want to reduce your carbon footprints, then having a wooden NFC card as a statement piece is a must.


NFC cards can come in different material types, and wooden cards are among the most eco-friendly options available. Different industries are already using NFC tags, and some businesses are also likely using NFC cards for their operations.

If you’re looking for a custom wooden NFC card, you’ll need to look for a reliable NFC supplier like NFC Tagify. Contact us to get your custom NFC tags and cards for your business or personal needs as soon as you need them.