Where to Find the Best Quality NFC Stickers in the UK?

NFC stickers are also known as NFC tags. They are self-adhesive stickers that are embedded with NFC chips. They can be used for a wide range of applications be it at the home, office, or in the car. And the best thing is they can turn almost anything into a smart object. Here are some amazing examples:

Promotional items and merchandise

Businesses are harnessing the power of NFC stickers by using them to add twists to their conventional promotional items and merchandises. For example, a sports brand can share exclusive content to fans by adding NFC stickers on their shirts. Those who buy those shirts can then scan the NFC-enabled logo to access the exclusive playlist and enter the raffle!

Product descriptions

Instead of putting a lengthy product description on the tag, some businesses opt to attach NFC stickers to their products. In fact, one whisky producer thought of a creative way to provide tasting notes and other such details. They created a website that contains this information, and to access the site, their customers just have to tap the NFC-enabled tags. They result?

Their customer engagement and social media following increased significantly.

Where can you find these cool NFC stickers in the UK?

From online stores!

Here are some tips on buying them online:

  1. Buy from dedicated NFC stores.

NFC stickers are easily available in huge online marketplaces. But if you are after quality stickers, buy from dedicated stores that specialise in NFC products.

  1. Check the type of chip you’re buying.

There are different types of NFC chips embedded in tags or stickers. The main differences between them are their memory sizes, storage capacities, applications, and of course, prices.

  1. Consider the colour.

NFC stickers come in different colours, including clear. Some shops can customise the stickers for you. They can print your artwork on your stickers so that they look unique.