Where Can You Use Digital Business Cards?

Where Can You Use Digital Business Cards?


A digital business card is a useful networking tool you have in your hunt for more referrals. It serves two main purposes: to create business opportunities with the person you give it to and to spread awareness of your brand.

Any firm can benefit greatly from referrals, but getting them isn’t always simple. Entrepreneurs need to find the right places and moments to make connections with non-competitor companies that share their target market.

You have lots of chances to exchange contact details with potential clients, customers, and any reference sources you want to cultivate. You can use your digital business card when meeting with someone new or someone you haven’t seen in a while. Social gatherings and mixers are other events you can go to broaden your network’s scope.

Conventions and Trade Shows

Conventions and trade events are also fantastic settings for business card exchanges. Just don’t make it a one-way street; the trade show vendors are also eager for you to grab their business cards. Ask for their cards as you give them your card.

This transaction is made faster and more convenient with near-field communication (NFC) smart cards. An NFC smart business card has an integrated chip that, when tapped to a receiver device, directs any mobile device to your profile online.

To share a business profile with a potential customer, one must take out their NFC business card and have their phone be used to scan it. A link will be sent right away to the person’s device, making it feasible to visit the profile. This enables one to view social media accounts, links, videos, and contact details.

Using NFC smart cards at conventions and trade shows is one way to capture the attention of others. People will remember the unique experience of tapping an NFC tag. At the same time, they will also have access to your digital business card so they can swiftly save your contact information to their phone.


Meeting a Client for the First Time

An electronic business card aims to create a single, straightforward, shareable file with all of your contact information. The recipient can then follow you on social media or get in touch with you using those data. You can quickly give your contact information when you first meet a client by scanning their contactless business card using a phone or tablet.


Virtual Networking Events

Virtual events are here to stay, even while live events make a comeback. And these affairs make digital business cards useful.

Connecting with potential clients, partners, or customers can be done quite effectively through online networking events. Participants in virtual networking events can utilize contactless business cards to connect with potential associates they meet there.

When joining these events, utilize the QR code on your digital business card to showcase samples of your work or to collect leads. Digital business cards also capture attention because they demonstrate your dedication to environmental responsibility.


Online Meetings

An online meeting is another occasion when you can use your digital business card. If you’re a presenter, you can include the QR code in your slides so anyone who is impressed by your presentation and wants to get in touch with you can do so easily. Even if you cannot immediately chat with anyone during the event, they can save your contact information and get in touch with you later.



Digital business cards may be exchanged and stored on a variety of devices, and they provide a practical and environmentally friendly way to share your contact information. They don’t require expensive or time-consuming printing, and they can be instantly updated and modified.


Contactless business cards can make it easier and more effective for you to accomplish your objectives, whether you are a solitary professional trying to expand your network or a small business owner looking to target new clients. When opportunities present themselves, having a digital business card or NFC smart card can make a lot of difference.


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