What Is an NFC Encoder?

An NFC encoder may pertain to two different but related things. One is the hardware used to print and encode NFC labels, often used by big companies to produce their own NFC labels, cards, or IDs with custom designs. The other NFC encoder is a type of software or mobile application used to write on programmable NFC products such as tags, key fobs, cards, and wristbands.

How to use an NFC printer and encoder

Generally, there are two types of NFC printers and encoders in the market: single-sided and one that operates on both sides or dual-sided. Simply put single-sided units can only print on the front part of a card or tag while the dual-sided units can print on both sides. The process of printing and encoding is the same for both types.

First, you need to load a stack of NFC PVC cards or stickers into the printer. Then, using a computer, launch the software that comes with the printer to enable smart label printing. After that, insert any kind of data that you want to encode in the NFC chip. It can be a mobile number, a link to a website, or a video online. Next, select the custom label or design. Lastly, select ‘print.’ Big companies use NFC encoder printer in many ways. Some use it to create NFC business cards, IDs, and marketing tags in retail stores.

If you are planning to buy an NFC encoder printer for your business, consider the features and the brand carefully. Make sure that the unit is able to meet your demands. This is especially true if you are printing a high volume of NFC labels every day. The resolution and print method also matters as they affect the quality of the print.

How to use the NFC encoder app?

Applications that allow you to read and write on NFC tags are widely available. You can easily download them on your NFC enabled smartphone. The process of writing is pretty much the same for every application; perhaps the only difference is the kind of data they can encode. To write on an NFC tag using an app, click ‘make a new tag’ then select actions or tasks from the list. After that, activate the tag. Lastly, check if the tag is working by tapping your phone on it.