Top 5 Things You Didn’t Know About NFC Tags

With NFC tagging on the rise, more and more people are becoming interested with what on metal NFC tags can do and what they can do with their NFC enabled devices. The popularity of this new technology is also expanding because of its availability on both Android and iOS and because of tech-savvy users seeking out even more weird and wonderful stuff they can do with the technology.

Most modern smartphone handsets nowadays feature NFC capabilities, although many require on metal NFC tags so you can maximize the use of the technology. Fortunately, NFC tags are widely available online and offline in the form of NFC stickers, tags, keychains, and more. Tags with writeable chips also work with NFC devices and they are ideal for automating all kinds of things at home:

  • NFC tags can be used to trigger computer startup once you get home. This can possibly save you a good amount of time waiting around, on a daily or nightly basis for your computer system to finish its boot cycle. By setting up an NFC tag, you can tap your phone on to remotely switch on your computer, you get to enjoy the convenience of automation.
  • Use NFC tags to automate WiFi activation. In the same way that you can automate your PC reboot once entering your home, you can likewise activate WiFi tethering with your smartphone device with the help of on metal NFC tags. Setting up this kind of trigger will automatically launch WiFi tethering on your phone, laptop and other related devices.
  • NFC tags can likewise be used to share WiFi passwords with guests with a simple NFC tap—no more scribbling down confusing, case-sensitive passwords on paper to pass around guests who want to access your WiFi.
  • An NFC tag can also be setup to let you enter driving mode as you dock your phone. Investing in a car dock is a cheap way to make your smartphone a more versatile and easier to use tool for all kinds of driving tasks like navigation and toll payments.
  • Finally, you can use your NFC tags to share contact information with other users. NFC tags are the business cards of the 21st century, as modern smartphones allow data syncing across devices.