Tips and Ideas for Encoding Programmable NFC Tags

A set of 10 X NFC PVC Business Cards NTAG215

The convenience of the tap-and-go feature for payments, passes, and sales transactions have made life easier for most of us. This would not be possible without programmable NFC tags. Although they started out as a technology to allow an alternative, convenient, and secure payment option, NFC tags have expanded in terms of usage. Now, it is not uncommon to find them when exchanging business cards and as an aspect of a smart home. You can do a lot more with a programmable NFC tag. Here are some suggestions:

  • Use it to wake up on time – If you are the type of person who has difficulty getting up on time, you can get a programmable NFC tag to work with an app that supports NFC captchas. Place a tag in a place that is difficult to reach from the bed, so if when the alarm goes off, you will be forced to get up to tap the smartphone on the tag to stop it.
  • Add a Wi-Fi network in an instant – You can use programmable NFC tags to give guests access to your Wi-Fi network without them having to input the password. They simply need to have a device running on a compatible operating system (i.e. Android 5.0.1 or higher), tap it on the NFC tag, which you can leave somewhere convenient (i.e. your living room), and they will be connected.
  • Finish your driving rituals in a jiffy – Setting up your music and navigation in your car from your smartphone can take some time. Rather than setting them up manually every time you get in your car, use a programmable NFC tag with Trigger app to set up those actions instantly.
  • Share product information – Programmable NFC tags can be helpful to retailers when they need to share information about their products. They can simplify the staff’s work in identifying products, too.