The Power of NFC Cards in Physical and Digital Networking

The Power of NFC Cards in Physical and Digital Networking


Networking in entrepreneurship refers to building professional connections in various industries. It is about curating a contact of specialists from similar and different fields. Building your network can benefit your career growth, particularly in building confidence and creative intellect.


There are three types of business networking: operational, personal, and strategic. Operational networking is defined as establishing connections within a similar organisation. In other words, it is about linking with your colleagues. On the other hand, personal networking is about meeting professionals from other associations. Strategic networking is a combination of both.


While these three have relative differences in their approaches, one single element binds them together – business cards.

The Role of Business Cards in Networking

Technology is bringing about many advancements in the business world. Through these improvements, companies were able to build connections more efficiently.

The majority of enterprises typically use email to connect with their network. Some utilise instant messaging applications and social media.

But no matter what type of communication method you use, you will still need business cards.

More than conveying your personal information like name, email, and contact number, business cards are used for brand identity marketing. Often, your brand is going to be prominently displayed in these cards.

However, as digitalisation continues to prosper, digital networking is now more of a need than an option. Therefore, printed business cards may be unable to keep up with the networking many enterprises need and face more challenges, such as the following:

Cost: One of the most prominent issues with traditional business cards is cost.

Conventional calling cards will require you to create a design that will stand out. They will also have to be printed. Both will oblige you to spend money, which can be off-putting for business operations, especially for small and medium enterprises.

Updating details: Updating your details can also be challenging with printed business cards. Hence, if you are a business that frequently updates your contact information, it may be costly to reprint them multiple times.

Limited information: Given their size restrictions, the information you can include in a traditional printed card may be limited. Putting too many details on your card can make it look cluttered and, thus, unprofessional.


Luckily, near-field communication (NFC) technology enables businesses to employ a new, modern approach to networking.


Boost Your Networking with NFC Cards

NFC is a set of short-range wireless protocols that requires 4cm or less to initiate a connection. This technology allows you to share small data payloads through NFC tags UK.

The functionality of these tags can range in complexity. Some tags only offer the basic read-and-write semantics, while the more complex tags can provide math operations and have cryptographic hardware that can be used for authentication.

But one advantage of this technology that truly sets it apart is that it can be used for digital business cards. This feature grants organisations to engage with their networks digitally and physically.


Here are some advantages of NFC digital cards over traditional business cards:

●     Quick, Wireless Transfer of Data

Unlike physical cards, there is no need to scramble over your things to find your business card during a professional meeting. NFC digital cards let you share and transfer your contact details to a compatible smartphone with a single tap.

And since your information will be stored in the cloud, you do not have to worry about losing a potential business opportunity or partnership due to a lost card.

●     More Convenient in Updating Contact Details

Whether you like it or not, there will be unexpected alterations that have to be made to your business card. The contact number is one of the most common details that usually gets changed.

With traditional business cards, any change would require you to redesign and reprint them, which can be costly.

NFC cards are a solution to this dilemma. With digital cards, you can easily update your information and not worry whether or not your network is updated with the specific change you made.


●     Geolocation

Your company location is critical information that must be known if you are building connections. This will allow your network to see the demographic data of your business area.

NFC technology permits you to add map data to your business card, ensuring that your customers and business partners would not get lost on their way to your headquarters.

●     Durability and Flexibility

One downside of printed business cards is they are made of paper, which deteriorates over time. Digital cards, on the other hand, can be stored and shared through your smartphone through an NFC tag, making them imperishable.

In addition, physical NFC cards are usually made of PVC or PET, which is far more durable than paper.

●     Lesser Cost

Business cards made of paper demand to be designed and printed, which means you have to allocate a budget for their production. While you will still need to spend with NFC cards, they cost less. This means you can save money and use it instead to fund more critical business projects.


Like other innovations, NFC technology still has a long way to go. But there is no denying that this tech invention has changed the game of networking, whether physical or digital.

With all its advantages, businesses must leverage this tool to improve connections.


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