Ten Best Uses of NFC Stickers

A Near Field Communication (NFC) sticker offers a lot of amazing things to automate your life. It responds promptly and reliably exhibits the programmed tasks you set it to do. It is handy, self-adhesive, and easy to use at home, at work, in the car, or even while walking.

You can use NFC stickers for many things, but here are ten of the daily things we do that we can automate using them.

  1. You can launch a website. Programming your NFC sticker to open a website you always use will save you time for typing long addresses.

  1. Share images and videos instantly. Bump your phone with your family and friends’ phones to share photos and videos!

  1. Make payments. NFC stickers can securely store your debit and credit card information. By tapping on the payment terminal, you can pay your bills without taking any card from your bag.

  1. You can program the NFC sticker to automatically send a message when you cannot answer a call or respond to an important text. Never underestimate the importance of quickly sending messages like “I’m driving,” “I’m in a meeting,” and “I’ll call you later.”

  1. Unlock your door. You can incorporate the smart lock feature of your home with the NFC sticker, so you can lock and unlock the doors with just one tap.

  1. Use it as a virtual business card. Share your contact information and social media details with just a tap.

  1. Connect it to your car via Bluetooth. The phone automatically connects its Bluetooth to the car for music and navigation.

  1. You can use it to extend battery life. NFC stickers can turn off energy-draining apps to extend your device’s battery life.

  1. Turn on your hotspot. With a mere tap, it will turn on the hotspot for your other devices to connect.

  1. Switch silent mode on and off if you want to focus on a meeting or enjoy your break time with just a tap.