Read How Firms and Industries Are Using NFC Business Cards for Promotions

NFC Tags NTAG 215 Stickers;

Near field communication (NFC) tags, chips, cards, and stickers have simplified the way we conduct critical tasks, and one of these is the exchange of information for promotional purposes. When embedded in a business card, the NFC card will make it easier for the recipient to view your information on their NFC-enabled mobile device. Unlike QR codes, the card’s information can be rewritten or re-encoded when you want to make changes, and you can do that all by yourself. Industries and firms are getting the most from using NFC business cards for promotions due to the convenience and savings that come with it.

With a regular business card, you can only provide your office or company address on it. NFC business cards can include a link to a wayfinder or map application to help prospective customers navigate and find their way to your establishment. All they need to do is tap their phone on your business card. This way, it is simpler for them to get all the information they need, unlike with QR codes, which typically require users to download a particular application to scan it and be online. NFC business cards will not require a Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, or LTE connection, as it uses its own connection, as long as the card and the compatible phone is within three to four centimetres from each other.

NFC business cards are not just for exchanging information to promote your business. They can help build your brand and improve customer engagement. For instance, you can encode certain information on the NFC chip to allow the receiver of information to have access to certain perks, like special offers, promos, and discounts for first-time customers. This can be a great way to entice potential clients to do business with you, too.

There is no doubt that NFC business cards are useful promotional tools, but make sure that you are getting them from a reputable provider that specialises in them. Some service providers can also customise their products and do the encoding for you.