Ntag and its Benefits and Uses

Ntag215, Ntag213, and Ntag 216– these are all types of NFC chips embedded in tags, cards, stickers, and other NFC products. They are different from each other in terms of memory sizes, storage capacities, applications, and of course, prices. Nevertheless, these Ntag chips share common benefits.

The ability to store and transfer information through NFC technology is the biggest advantage of using Ntags. No wonder they are widely utilised in various industries including transportation, healthcare, education, and security. In fact, individuals can also take advantage of Ntag chips in many ways.

Wondering how you can use them in everyday life?

Here are some suggestions:

Make a permanent business card

There has been a growing trend for NFC business cards among professionals recently, and maybe it’s time you also switched from traditional paper cards to this high-tech version. NFC business cards will allow you to share information wirelessly. You won’t have to bring a handful of paper business cards and give them out one by one to prospective clients. This also means that you won’t need to keep on redesigning or reprinting your business cards when your details change. You can simply reprogram the NFC card.What’s more, these chips allow you to share not only your contact information but also the links to your social media accounts or personal website.

Helps with day-to-day activities

Buy Ntag chips or NFC tags and then place them around your home so you can save time doing various activities. You can write on these tags to prompt actions such as:

  • Share Wi-Fi passwords
  • Connect/disconnect Wi-Fi
  • Turn your lights on and off
  • Pair and connect Bluetooth devices
  • Send emergency message

Create your own fully functional Amiibo

Gamers have found another cool way to use Ntag215 chips to make their playing experience more awesome. They use the chips to create their own version of Amiibo, which is a toy-to-life figure and platform made by Nintendo.

With Ntag215, they can make fully functional and cheaper Amiibo that they can use for unlocking new characters, outfits, special items, and other bonuses!