NFC Tags Are Not Just for Mobile Payments – 5 Ways They Can Be Used

NFC tags are widely used in contactless or mobile payments to make shopping for goods more convenient and secure. Indeed, NFC has greatly impacted the retail industry through mobile payments. Thanks to this technology, more people are going cashless. But did you now that NFC is not just for mobile payments? It is changing the lives of people and businesses in so many ways. Below are some of the less-popular applications of NFC tags: 

  • Manufacturing 

    The manufacturing industry also benefits greatly from using NFC technology. With its help, manufacturers can manage products more effectively at each stage. It also aids them in validating product warranty and processing replacements as well as maintenance.  

  • Identity validation/ access control

    In the field of education, schools use NFC-equipped IDs because it has a high level of encryption and thus, ensure a high level of security. The technology enables institutions to have a more reliable ID card system or access control system for their students and employees.  

  • Transportation

    Public and private transportation companies are starting to utilise NFC tags in the UK to provide faster and better services. With this technology, passengers not only pay for their cab or bus fares but are also able to keep track of the amount left in their digital ticket. NFC tags also paved the way for smart ticketing in the airline industry.   

  • Logistics and shipping

    NFC tags are now vital in the logistics and shipping industry because they are used for efficient tracking of goods. The tags help the companies facilitate smarter, accurate, and more efficient processes.  

  • Marketing and advertising

    Some businesses encode their tags with data such as their addresses and information about their products and services. They use NFC-enabled posters and billboards so users can instantly collect information or access their social media pages in just a wave of their devices.

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