NFC Stickers for Outdoor Applications

Have you been using NFC stickers to perform different tasks in your home? Why not try using them outdoors, too? The best thing about these passive stickers is that they don’t need power to operate. They don’t even require Wi-Fi or LTE! 

NFC stickers are tougher than what you may think. They won’t get easily damaged even if they are exposed to different conditions. That means they are definitely okay for outdoor applications. Not sure where to start? Here are some cool ideas that you can try. 

Load directions to your home in your mobile navigation app

I can often be confusing to find your way home if you are coming from an unfamiliar place. Of course, you can always use your mobile navigation app to find the directions. But with an NFC sticker in your car that is programmed to do this specific task, you won’t have to manually enter your address every time. 

Save battery in just a tap 

Admit it or not, your smartphone has become your lifeline. Feeling bored on the road? You can turn on your music or browse your social media. Don’t have cash? You can pay with the e-wallet in your phone. This is why it’s absolutely crucial to prevent its battery from draining. You can easily do this with an NFC sticker that is programmed to turn off power-consuming functions while you’re out.

Bring your pet outdoors with peace of mind 

You will be more at ease during your morning walks in the park if your pet is wearing a smart NFC collar. Just write all important information about your pet as well as your contact number in the NFC tag. This way, if your pet ever gets lost, the finder can easily identify you as its owner.