NFC Guide: Everything You Need to Know About NFC Contactless Tags and Stickers

There’s a big chance that you’ve heard of NFC, but you don’t exactly know what it does. NFC or Near Field Communication is actually used almost everywhere — the food industry, public transportation, and even digital media. Do you want to learn more about NFC? Here is a brief guide on the popular wireless technology:

You’ll find NFC contactless technology the most in NFC tags. A tag is made up of two parts: a chip and an antenna. The chip contains a tiny bit of memory that allows it to communicate with other NFC-enabled devices through the antenna.

Tags are embedded in various NFC products in the UK. Many businesses use these products for advertising since they can include information such as location and contact details on the chip. Some of the most common products are stickers, calling cards, and flyers.

Stickers are undoubtedly the most affordable and convenient form of NFC tags. Business owners can design stickers with their logos, choose an adhesive, and customise the label material. There are even add-ons available depending on what you need: data encoding, UID reading, and special packing are all sought-after options.

Leading manufacturers for NFC products in the UK also offer customised NFC items. There’s no limit to where you can implement NFC contactless technology. Products can range from key fobs to colourful wristbands.

Near Field Communication is a useful technology that rivals the likes of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Thanks to modern techniques, NFC chips don’t require a major power source or a phone network to function. This contactless technology is the perfect bridge between the physical and digital worlds, helping businesses communicate directly with their consumers.

Need an efficient NFC product in the UK for your business? Don’t worry. Some top-rated providers offer excellent quality NFC tags and stickers for an affordable price.