Making Connections: How Digital Business Cards Are Changing the Game

How Digital Business Cards Are Changing the Game


Because of the new business landscape created by the pandemic, contactless networking has become entrepreneurs’ new strategy for connecting with prospects. Fortunately, the opportunities for touchless networking have also grown. With modern communication platforms and tools like digital business cards, correspondence with others can now be done without physical contact.

NFC Digital Business Cards for Contactless Networking

The function of the business card has remained the same — to swiftly and easily transmit information to new connections. But how we do so has altered over the past several years.


Digital business cards bridge the distance between two networking individuals and help them make meaningful connections. With NFC business cards, this can be achieved with a single tap. NFCs enable a straightforward “tap and go” experience as opposed to the actual physical exchange of paper cards.


Networking with NFCs makes it incredibly simple for your new connections to include you in their workflow. This is because all of your personal and professional information is organised and protected in one place.


You can keep all of this information and more on your digital business cards. It is more convenient than merely exchanging LinkedIn identities, emails, or phone numbers.

Unique Features of NFC Digital Business Cards

●     Unique Experience


It has become crucial for any organisation to differentiate itself from the competition. NFC digital business cards offer this edge while making good impressions with potential customers.


You can instantaneously share information with them, including your name, phone number, and contact information, by tapping the card on the receiving phone. With this easy mechanism, you can speak with your lead right away and respond to their inquiry.


●     Easy Profile Sharing


Many networks now prefer communicating on Facebook and LinkedIn first. These platforms allow them to discover what you have accomplished for your clients, your company’s goal and mission, and the organisation’s culture. Your social media presence validates your company.


Another advantage of a smart business card is that you may easily share your social media profiles on LinkedIn and other channels. Make a lasting impression on your clients by using this unique and practical tool.


●     Paperless Alternative


NFC business cards help you save money on printing, time, and the trouble of carrying hundreds of catalogues. With the help of business cards, you can share your company catalogue with just a tap.


You can update your profile and make changes to your catalogue, and this will automatically reflect on the link available on your card. Prospects can access the updated information upon clicking the link.

●     Geolocation


The geolocation function on your business card enables the other person to find your address instantly. It is advantageous for everyone if your business card can direct them to your office.


You won’t ever lose a lead who is unable to reach your office or shop because they just couldn’t find your specific address. This gives you an advantage over networking because the person can see the office on digital maps, which makes an impression on their mind.

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