Looking for Environment-Friendly NFC cards? Here’s Why You Should

NFC cards are getting a lot more attention these days as more people start to use them as business cards. Perhaps it’s time you did the same.

There are many reasons why NFC business cards are better than old-school paper business cards.

First of all, it offers a smart way to share personal and professional information. With just a tap, your new contact will be able to save your details or access your website/social media accounts. What’s more, NFC cards allow you to add as many details as you want as long as the memory capacity permits. And best of all, they are environment-friendly.

Why are NFC cards considered eco-friendly alternatives to regular business cards?

Doesn’t need to be reprinted or reproduced

Are you tired of having to reprint paper business cards whenever you run out of them? You never have to do this again when you switch to NFC cards. You can use your card over and over, without ever needing to replace it. Not only does this save you money, it will also allow you to lower your carbon footprint.

Your NFC card is a one-time investment. You only have to pay for it once and use it for a long time. In fact, it just might be the last business card you will ever need.

Rewritable and reusable 

What if you need to update or edit some details? You don’t have to purchase another NFC card because it’s rewritable! It’s easy to change the details or links written in your NFC chip using an application.


NFC cards are passive NFC products that operate without a power supply. Unlike smartphones, they don’t need to be charged for them to work. Your NFC card will be activated when it comes into contact with an NFC reader or NFC-enabled device.

All these characteristics make NFC cards environment-friendly. They are available in a wide range of designs and can also be customised according to your preferences. If you want a card that’s made of sustainable outer materials, then a bamboo NFC card is a good choice. You can even personalise the outside of the card with your name or business logo.

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