How to Use NFC Tags for Marketing

Black Round PVC NFC Sticker NTAG213 Chip Ø 21 mm

NFC (near field communication) can be the next-generation technology that can help your business succeed in achieving its marketing objectives. These days, it is easier to obtain NFC tags that you can use to take advantage of smart technology for your marketing campaign and target and engage smartphone users. They are similar to QR codes, as they can effectively engage customers, as long as they are presented smartly. So, here are some ideas that you might find useful for applying NFC to your marketing campaigns:

  • Share information – NFC tags can be used to deliver exclusive information about your services and products with just one tap of the smartphone. That provides a convenient, quick, and easy way for customers to know more about special perks, offers, discounts, and other important information that can effectively catch and retain their attention and turn them into repeat or loyal customers.
  • For contests – Use NFC to speed up transactions and information sharing when inviting customers to join contests and games. By providing a more entertaining experience to customers, they are more likely to remember your brand and come back for more.
  • Connect with customers – Getting customers to visit, Like, and follow your social media pages can be challenging, but asking them to tap their phones on NFC tags to seamlessly connect with your pages may be more effective. That is because of the convenience that NFC technology brings. You can also do the same for conducting a survey or if you want customers to answer polls for your market study, so that response rates may be higher.
  • Promotions – Thinking of delivering digital coupons to your customers? Use an NFC tag for that. It may help drive more traffic to your store, too.
  • Make sure everything is in order – When using NFC tags, ensure that the linked content is efficiently optimised to be viewed and explored on mobile phones to provide a better customer experience.