How Digital Business Cards Can Help You Network Better

How Digital Business Cards Can Help You Network Better


Technology has advanced so much, resulting in many changes in the tech industry. One of the improvements made throughout the years is the digital business cards.

Similar to traditional ones, digital business card is designed for sharing vital information about themselves or their businesses. The only difference is that conventional business cards are printed on paper, whereas the information on digital ones is in an electronic format

By looking at this stark difference, many are convinced that digital business cards are now the future of networking.


How do Digital Business Cards Work?

Digital business cards are powered by either QR or Near-Filed Communication (NFC) technology. Those mechanised by NFC are also referred to as NFC business cards. This technology uses tags that draw power from the device that, when tapped on a receiver device like an NFC-enabled smartphone, transmits the card owner’s information.

Anyone may use this smart business card, but they are designed to be of use more for people in the business industry. With the current market situation, where everything is fast-paced, NFC cards are essential in networking and ensuring that the people you want to associate with have your information.

In creating these cards, the first thing you have to consider is what card type to use. You can produce them on paper or opt for metal business cards.

Once you have chosen what material to use, you must decide what information to place on your card. Since the card is digital, you can put any information you want, such as your name, address, phone number, website, photo, location, user bio, social media links, etc. You may also choose the design and share it once you are satisfied with your card.


How do Digital Business Cards Make Networking More Effective?

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people do business. During the worst course of the health crisis, people were encouraged to avoid or limit physical contact. Although things seem to be getting better now, those behavioral changes are here to stay.

This is where the advantages of digital business cards come in. Since they can be shared by only tapping the devices, entrepreneurs can easily connect with their partners or clients. Digital cards are convenient tools to enable contactless transactions.


Here are other benefits of using NFC cards.

●     Convenience

One of the main advantages of using digital business cards is their convenience. In contrast to traditional business cards that have to be printed, users of digital business cards can easily send their information by tapping the card on a smartphone.


This eradicates the need to carry multiple physical copies of your card, making connecting with potential partners and clients simpler. They also do not get damaged as physical copies.

●     You can Include All Important Information

Unlike physical cards, there is no need to limit the information you want to add to digital business cards. Since it is digital, entrepreneurs can include details, such as links to their websites, blog, or social media accounts.


Furthermore, digital business cards’ flexibility allows users to modify their details without the need to reprint or reshare their cards. This can help NFC consumers to save and allocate their funds to more important matters.

●     They are Cost-Effective

Another significant advantage of digital business cards is their cost-effectiveness. Printing out traditional cards can be expensive due to printing costs. As you only need one digital business card, you only have to pay for printing once. And it does not require any fee other than an internet connection or mobile plan, so users can save more money.


Explore More About Digital Business Cards with NFC Tagify

Switching up to digital business cards from traditional ones can truly be a challenge. But all of its advantages make the transition worthwhile. After all, this technology is slowly but surely becoming the future of networking.

You can work your way around this technology by relying on trustworthy card providers like NFC Tagify. With us, you can bring your marketing strategies a notch higher.

You can add NFC smart tags to your product, packaging, shelf labels, leaflets, or marketing materials. This technology will allow you to talk to your customers with a single tap.

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