Digital Business Card in the Post-Covid World

Digital Business Card in the Post-Covid World

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a lot of changes in the world. While the health crisis brought challenges to people and organizations alike, it also paved the way for innovation. For example, the pandemic enabled companies to make remote working setups and contactless transactions possible. The use of digital business cards also emerged during the pandemic.

Contacless business cards UK are one of the ways that offices and entrepreneurs adapted during COVID. Metal business cards are a unique way to relay your business profile to customers and clients without having to have direct contact with them.


What is a Digital Business Card?

Digital business cards are virtual business cards that are shared through online platforms. These cards are like the usual business cards you exchange with others. The only difference is that the card information is not printed but exchanged digitally.

Digital business cards give you the ease of not printing and distributing a piece of paper to different people. These cards are also easily updated and personalized. Unlike traditional business cards, you don’t have to reprint and edit your cards. This eliminates printing costs and resource wastage.

Another benefit of a digital business card is that it is environmentally friendly. You no longer have to use paper in your business cards.


The Digital Business Card Market

The worldwide Digital Business Card Market is predicted to achieve approximately USD 242.3 million by the end of 2027. Analysis of the digital business card market shows that the market is spread across different regions. This includes Asia-Pacific (APAC), North America, the Middle East, Africa, South America, and Europe.

Traditional business cards might still remain because people are used to them, and they are simple to do. But in the post-pandemic world, it is expected that more people will create digital business cards.


How to Design a Digital Business Card?

When planning the design of your digital business card, think about the best ways for people to get in touch with you. Include your name, title, organization, email address, and phone number. Also, add detail on how to reach you on your website or social media.

Depending on the type of business, you might also want to include a street address or just a city and province. If it applies to you as a member of an association, you might want to include your role on a board or committee. One of the best things about digital business cards is that you can add photos, videos, and embedded links to them. So, you should use these platforms to express your personality.


Where to Get Your Digital Business Card?

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