Customizing Digital Business Cards to Fit Your Brand

Customizing Digital Business Cards to Fit Your Brand


Most people would think that business cards are only used to tell someone’s name and contact information, and this is far from the truth. Business cards can communicate your brand image and set a first impression. As a business owner, you don’t want to have a business card that is bland, common, and forgettable.

Now that everything is digitized, digital business cards are the perfect way to make an impression on your brand.

What are digital business cards?

A digital business card is a virtual way of sharing information in real-time via NFC tags, QR codes, or URLs. Unlike traditional business cards, digital business cards can include a person’s name, address, contact details, location, media links, and other information relevant to a person or business.

Customizing NFC Business Cards

With the available content that can be included in digital business cards, people can customize their cards to fit their brand image more. Here are some ways to customize digital business cards to fit your brand.

  • Make your name and job title stand out

Your name and job title should stand out on your digital business card. The typeface, color, and even text size matters in conveying the message and branding of your company. These elements act as a virtual representation of your company. You should make sure that these elements complement your brand image.

  • Choose the right color scheme

The color scheme you use for your digital business card sets the tone for your brand image. Colors make you feel a certain way, and as a brand, you should first assess the feeling you want the receiver of the business card to feel. Studying the psychology behind colors is a good way to start.

When it comes to color schemes, you should have two to three colors to create a color scheme.

  • Add contact details for your card

It’s important to have a clear name and job description, but you should also make it as easy as possible for people to contact you. You don’t have to make your contact information look fancy. You can list them in a simple font along with any other basic information. Also, be brief so that you can add more information to your digital business card.

  • Add relevant links

Adding links to your company website, social media accounts, and even performance reviews can be helpful in encouraging potential clients to do business with you. Hyperlinks can be an option, but you can also buy digital business cards that offer icons and buttons while you use the free space for more needed information.

  • Show the best projects through media files

Some digital business cards allow you to add media files and documents for your work. If your card has this feature, make sure to add the best projects or relevant documents that potential clients can have.

How can NFC Tagify help you customize your digital business card?

NFC Tagify helps you set the tone and brand image of your company by having digital business cards available in different materials like metal, wood, and PVC. In the digital aspect, our digital business cards come with different storage spaces to fit the contents that you want to have in your business card.

Change the way fellow entrepreneurs and businesses perceive your image today with NFC Tagify. You can visit our website at or call +44 16 0080 0080 to get your first NFC tag today!