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Need help or custom NFC Tags order for your business?


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Timothy Lowe

The customer service and communication both before and after was / is great and these are awesome products - I can't believe it's not more commonly in use! These can be wireless business cards or even control your lights at home!!

Posted 3 weeks ago

Roger Martin

I am using NFC Tagify more and more and their service is really good. The products I order are despatched quickly and at an affordable price. They also take the time to include sample tags for different purposes which give me ideas on how we could do things differently.

Posted 5 months ago


They all work, have a Long lifespan and an impressive range considering their Small size

Posted 5 months ago

Joshua Newman

Ordered multiple packages recently and all arrived superbly quickly and in perfect condition. All tags have worked as advertised. Will continue to use them 100%.

Posted 6 months ago


Easy purchase quick delivery.

Posted 7 months ago

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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the delivery charges?
Delivery inside the UK
Delivery for EU zone
If you don't receive your item within the period specified above please contact us straight away.  
Which payment methods are accepted?
Paypal and all major credit or debit cards.
How secure is shopping in the Online Shop? Is my data protected?
We use GeoTrust® the world's second largest digital certificate provider to enhance security on our website, and to encrypt data transmitted in and out of our website SSL (Security Sucket Layer). In the browser URL link you will notice there is a Lock icon at the beging of the URL or/and "https://" with S for Secure, this means that you can rest assured that the data you send us will not be intercepted by anyone. Payments by credit or debit cards are processed on Barclaycard secure online payment system ePDQ and handled directly by our bank in the UK (Barclays). The information you fill in when placing your order will NOT under any circumstances be shared with any third part. For full details please see our disclaimer notice.
How can I encode my tags?
You can easily encode/write date to your tags by using you mobile phone, you will need to have a NFC app downloaded on your phone to do this, for example: Trigger NFC TagWriter by NXP
Are these tags pre-formatted and can they be locked?
Yes, all our tags are pre-formatted, in another words, they have no date written to them and they are ready to be encoded. When you are encoding a tag using any mobile application, you will have the option to lock/protect the tag option at the end of the process, in this case the tag can not be rewritten.
Are these tags compatible with my XYZ phone?
These tags are compatible with all NFC enabled phones, most new phones are NFC enabled phones, if you have an older phone and you are not sure whether or not it is NFC enabled phone, you can check this list . However, in some cases this also depends on the phone's condition and not only on its model, for example some Samsung phones has its NFC reader embedded in the battery and if you had replaced the original battery this might cause a problem reading NFC tags.